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SETAC North America 26th Annual Meeting 
Baltimore, Maryland USA
November 13-17

Wataru Naito 
・Modelling the population-level ecological risks of dioxinlike PCBs on fish-eating birds from Tokyo Bay and its vicinity
  Meng Yaobin, Lin Bin-LeLin, Akihiro Tokai, Mamoru Tominaga, Junko Nakanishi 
・Predicting toxicity of alcohol ethoxylates homologues by an artificial neural network

Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) 2005 Annual Meeting 
Orlando, Florida USA
 December 4-7

Haruyuki Higashino, Hiroshi Yoshikado, Yoshitaka Yonezawa, Junko Nakanishi 
・Exposure and risk assessment of hazardous air pollutants in Japan
Akihiro Tokai, Kiyotaka Tsunemi , Haruko Yamaguchi, Mistuo Iwata
・Substitution strategy based on risk assessment with the example of flame retardant in Japan
Masashi Gamo
・Value of information analysis on the choice of countermeasures for reducing cadmium exposure via rice in Japan
Kiyotaka Tsunemi, Akihiro Tokai, Haruko Yamaguchi
・Estimation of cumulative risk of polybrominated diphenyl ethers
Yuriko Ishikawa, Akihiro Tokai, , Tomoya Kawaguchi, Mistuo Shirahama, Junko Nakanishi 
・Exposure assessment modelling in river basins in Japan



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