NMIJInternational Metrology Cooperation Office

International Cooperation Office
AIST Tsukuba Central 3, Tsukuba,
Ibaraki 305-8563, Japan

TEL +81-29-861-4149
FAX +81-29-861-4202



Dr. Usuda Director General of NMIJ, was elected to the Secretary at the 108th CIPM

The first CIPM after the 26th CGPM in last November was held on 20, 21 March 2019, at BIPM in France.
CIPM is an administrative board of Metre Convention, consisting of 18 committee from each different country that has been elected at CGPM. Moreover, CIPM elects its President and the Secretary by mutual vote. As the result of the election on the first day, Dr. W. Louw (South Africa) was chosen for the President, Dr. Usuda for the Secretary. Dr. Usuda is a first Asian Secretary ever since the establishment of CIPM in 1875. In his four-year term, he will assist the president, supervise the BIPM and manage the CIPM, and will be a moderator in the 27th CGPM in 2022, supporting its chairman (the president of the Académie des sciences de Paris ).

New and former secretaries

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