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The Research Center is engaged in research and development of environmental energy which will support to build a sustainable society.


Mar.20,2022 Paper Jinhua Hong,Masanori Koshino and other
Multiple 2D Phase Transformations in Monolayer Transition Metal Chalcogenides,Advanced Materials
Mar.3,2022 Press Ryosuke Senga, Yung-Chang Lin and other
AIST Press
Mar.2,2022 Paper Ryosuke Senga, Yung-Chang Lin and other
Imaging of isotope diffusion using atomic-scale vibrational spectroscopy,Nature
Dec.9,2021 Paper Yung-Chang Lin,Kazu Suenaga and other
Coupling and Decoupling of Bilayer Graphene Monitored by Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy,Nano Letters
Oct.5,2021 Paper Yung-Chang Lin,Kazu Suenaga and other
Polymorphic Phases of Metal Chlorides in the Confined 2D Space of Bilayer Graphene, Advanced Materials
Sep.8,2021 Press Kenji Koga and other
AIST Press
Apr.5,2021 Paper Jinhua Hong, Masanori Koshino, Ryosuke SengaKazu Suenaga and other
Deciphering the Intense Postgap Absorptions of Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, ACS Nano


The Environmental Energy Research Center

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