About MathAM-OIL

We integrate both AIST's computational researches on materials helpful to industrial needs/purposes and Tohoku-Univ.'s world-first analytical researches on materials based on mathematics and theoretical physics, so that we create novel research areas on the development of highly advanced materials, responding to the strong demands of industries. And we also contribute to strengthening Japanese industrial competitiveness by creating brand-new markets of highly advanced materials through bridging our research-seeds to industrial-needs based on 'Mathematical Materials Informatics'.

We apply the "Inverse-problem analysis" to material-developments, deriving preferable structures from demanded functions, through quantifying and visualizing empirical know-hows, also through indicating co-relations between "structures-functions-processes". The structure extraction and modeling by mathematics and theoretical physics give us universal methods for development of various functional-materials. It is quite important to characterize "orders in disordered system" from the view point of structures, functions, and processes. Through characterizing disordered system, we can classify, compile databases, and search drastically novel materials breaking traditional frameworks, so that we can finally design such advanced functional materials.

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