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Development of a Microscope System for Rapid and Convenient Cell Classification

Yuka Akagi, Nobuhito Mori, Yuzo Takayama, and Yasuyuki Kida, in collaboration with Professor Teruhisa Kawamura of Ritsumeikan University have developed a microscope system for rapid and convenient cell classification.

Raman scattering represents the distribution and abundance of intracellular molecules, including proteins and lipids, facilitating distinction between cellular states non-invasively and without staining. we developed the Paint Raman Express Spectroscopy System (PRESS), which uses two fast-rotating galvano mirrors to obtain spectra from a wide area of a cell. This microscopic system enables acquisition of Raman spectral information of an entire cell in a few seconds.

Combined with artificial intelligence technology for analyzing the huge amount of spectral information, this microscopic system and analytical pipeline allows for rapid and convenient classification of cell types, active states, and drug responses.

The details of this technology were published in Scientific Reports on April 23, 2021

PRESS and artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to conveniently classify cell types and states.

concept figure


  • Title: Non-invasive cell classification using the Paint Raman Express Spectroscopy System (PRESS)
  • Authors: Yuka Akagi, Nobuhito Mori, Teruhisa Kawamura, Yuzo Takayama, Yasuyuki S. Kida* (* corresponding author)
  • journal: Scientific Reports, 11, 8818 (2021)
  • DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-88056-3

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