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Fluorescence imaging reveals the process of oocyte development

Germ cells are generated in developing embryos. It is believed that the generation is associated with a reprogramming event “X chromosome reactivation.” However, when and where the X chromosome reactivation occurs in the embryo remained unclear. Haramoto, Sakata, and Kobayashi studied the process of germ cell development and successfully imaged the "X chromosome reactivation" using Momiji mice. The results revealed that "X chromosome reactivation" progresses simultaneously with proliferation of germ cells in the genital ridge, and that reactivation occurs between embryonic day (E) 10.5 and E13.5 in most of the cells at the Pgk1 locus.

The work clarified an important process of germ cell development in vivo.

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  • Title: Visualization of X chromosome reactivation in mouse primordial germ cells in vivo
  • Authors: Yoshikazu Haramoto, Mino Sakata, Shin Kobayashi* (* corresponding author)
  • journal: Biol Open. 10(4), (2021)
  • DOI: 10.1242/bio.058602

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First Person interview in the journal

Introduction of research (Shin Kobayashi)

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