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Commercialization of special grids for transmission electron microscopy and tools for specimen preparation

AIST and Nisshin EM Corporation [Mr. Setsuo Maruta, Representative Director] have signed a technology transfer contract (patent licensing agreement) for the patent-pending "Stereoscopic image observation method, and sample grid employed in same (PATPEND 2019-226381, PCT/JP2020/045834)" and "Transmission electron microscope observation sample preparation method, and tool for same (PATPEND 2019-203033, PCT/JP2020/041235)" invented by Dr. Noriyuki Ishii, Senior Researcher of the Multicellular System Regulation Research Group [Dr. Hiroaki Tateno, Group Leader]. Through basic, applied, and commercialized research, Dr. Ishii's inventions have been commercialized as the "tomography grid," "C-type dipper type I (with Scotch tape)," and "C-type dipper type II".

Commercialization of special grids

(a) Tomography grid
- By creating a TEM image stereo view quickly and easily, it is possible to quickly evaluate the morphology of a self-organized structure that winds a spiral and determine how to wind the spiral, which is a useful structure and morphology. You can get the information.
Pamphlet: (a) Tomography grid

(b), (c) C-type dipper
- You can safely place delicate nanostructures that would break the structure when sucked with a pipette, etc., on the grid.
- By passing the grid held by the tweezers through the C-shaped dipper covered with carbon film from below, the carbon film can be reliably attached to each grid.
Pamphlet:C-type dipper

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