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The activation mechanism of Atg15, a phospholipase for organelle membranes

In collaboration with the University of Tokyo and Yamagata University, Chie Motono, a senior researcher, and Kenichiro Imai, a research group leader, have revealed the activation mechanism of lipase Atg15 that directly disintegrates organelle membranes, in autophagy.

the activation mechanism of lipase Atg15


  • Journal:Cell Reports (in press)
  • Title:Atg15 is a vacuolar phospholipase that disintegrates organelle membranes
  • Authors:Yasunori Watanabe*, Yurina Iwasaki, Kyoka Sasaki, Chie Motono, Kenichiro Imai and Kuninori Suzuki*
    *Co-corresponding author

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