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The cell is the smallest structural unit of life and is the fundamental building blocks for us humans to live healthy and happy lives. Various unknown mechanisms are harbored in the cell that is consisted of numerous molecules and is responsible for complex biological phenomena.

We expect that investigating the cell as well as the intra- and extra-cellular molecular mechanisms leads to establishing a technological foundation for understanding and controlling cells. Consequently, we provide society with cutting-edge technologies ranging from medicine and drug discovery to healthcare fields and enable a healthy and long-lived society. Particularly, through developing our unique and outstanding technologies further, we will contribute to promote regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, cell utilization industries, and healthcare industries.

We will endeavor to establish research hub for the Asian countries and cultivate human resources. In addition to research collaboration and personnel exchange with Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Government of India over ten years, collaboration with All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) has been launched recently. We also have been collaborating with Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR). We keep on challenging to create technologies that respond to the demand of society from a global perspective. Our current research targets are listed blow, and please see each page of our research groups for details.

Main research targets

  1. Advanced analysis technology for obtaining various biological OMICS information on nucleic acids, proteins, and glycans
  2. Identification of disease markers and early detection technology for cancer
  3. Stem cell manipulation and quality control technology that are important for regenerative medicine, and through applying such technologies, device creating technology for supporting drug discovery
  4. Exploration and new production technology for natural compounds that are expected to serve as new drug discovery modalities, and technology for the exploration and evaluation of functional foods and functional ingredients.
  5. Development of biomaterials for manipulating cells and organs
  6. Large-capacity biodatabase and its utilization, which leads to personalized medicine and drug discovery support

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