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Overview of Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology Research Institute

Living organisms consist of cells that are smallest unit of life and yet work by many unknown molecular mechanisms. By elucidating the molecular mechanisms of cells and applying the knowledge as basic technologies, we aim to provide the society with state-of-the-art technologies in areas ranging from drug discovery, medicine to health care. In particular, we will promote R&D to contribute to regenerative medicine, individually-tailored medicine, and health & longevity that are expected to be in high demand in the near future. We plan to combine our established technologies as described below:

  1. Analyses of sugar-chain-synthesizing genes, and further development of technologies that had already been appreciated in disease diagnosis.
  2. Development of technologies for manipulation and quality control of stem cells that are required for regenerative medicine, and their application on devices supporting drug discovery.
  3. Research on novel modality for drug discovery, and its application on technologies for screening, functional analysis, and identifying bioactives from the natural resources.
  4. Development of high-resolution and highly sensitive technologies for bio-industry.
  5. Development and exploration of BIG DATA to generate individually-tailored medicine and support new era of drug discovery.

In this term, we will endeavor to establish research hub for Asia and cultivate human resources. In addition to our long-term research collaboration and personnel exchange with Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India over ten years and establishing it as a role model of India-Japan S&T co-operation, we have been collaborating with Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) in Thailand and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in China.

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