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AIST-INDIA Diverse Assets & Applications International Laboratory

AIST-INDIA Diverse Assets & Applications International Laboratory Overview

We are using integrated cell culture, biochemical, molecular, imaging, bioengineering and bioinformatics approaches to understand the molecular biology of stress, aging & cancer, and develop unique tools and technologies for their intervention. We aim to contribute to the understanding of cell proliferation controls in human normal cells, and their breakdown during carcinogenesis by analyzing biological and mechanical properties of cells. For our research projects, we collaborate with several Indian academic institutions and host a variety of training programs for students and young researchers.

AIST-INDIA Diverse Assets & Applications International Laboratory Overview

Research Project

Project 1: Validation of mortalin and CARF as cancer targets: molecular understanding of their role in stress & cancer biology, and development of interventional tools and technologies
Researchers:Renu WADHWA, Sunil KAUL

We have originally cloned two proteins, Mortalin and CARF, that are enriched in cancer cells and hence are proposed as targets for anti-cancer drugs. Currently, we are engaged in validation of (i) their role in stress, senescence and cancer biology, (ii) predictive value in stress and cancer diagnosis and (iii) use of their inhibitors (synthetic and natural) for stress and cancer intervention.

AIST-INDIA Diverse Assets & Applications International Laboratory2

Research Project

Project 2:Development of pressure driven microphyiological systems
Researcher: Shinji SUGIURA

We aim to develop pressure-driven microphysiological systems (PD-MPS) that can create and maintain high-level cell and organ functions as an alternative to animal experiments and a novel research tool in drug discovery.

AIST-INDIA Diverse Assets & Applications International Laboratory3

Research Project

Project 3:Application of bioluminescence to explore functional natural compounds.
Researcher:TOMITA Tatsunosuke

We're exploring novel compounds from natural resources through bioassays, focusing on a new method with real-time bioluminescence monitoring using cultured cells to evaluate aspects like circadian rhythms.

AIST-INDIA Diverse Assets & Applications International Laboratory4

Research Project

Project 4:Elucidation of dynamic life system based on molecular biomechanics
Researcher:Chikashi Nakamura, Ayana Yamagishi

We achieve to understand molecular mechanisms for strict and flexible behaviors in living organisms with new perspectives by using our original nano-tools, nanoneedle (200 nm in diameter). In detail, we challenge in cell analysis and manipulation of living cells using nanoneedle technology, analysis of mechanical functions of novel cancer markers involved in metastasis and development of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques targeting these markers.

AIST-INDIA Diverse Assets & Applications International Laboratory5

Research Project

Project 5: Development of evaluation system for cranial nerve functions
Researcher: Kazumi HIRANO

Based on the knowledge and technology relating to epigenomics and glycobiology, we are developing disease models for neurological and psychiatric disorders and constructing efficacy and toxicity evaluation systems for drugs.

AIST-INDIA Diverse Assets & Applications International Laboratory6

Research Project

Project 6: Development of microphyiological systems and their applications
Researcher: Ren YOSHITOMI

We construct microphysiological systems that enable to observe biological phenomena such as organ-organ interactions, and screen ingredients useful for functional foods and medicines. We are also working to elucidate the mechanisms of the obtained ingredients, including from the perspective of non-coding RNA.

AIST-INDIA Diverse Assets & Applications International Laboratory7


photo position & name field of expertise and other info
Wadhwa's photo Leader, Cooperative Research Laboratory WADHWA Renu
  • Molecular mechanism analysis of mortalin in cancer development
  • Cancer control and treatment with ashwagandha
  • CARF mechanism analysis for stress improvement
Sugiura's photo Deputy Leader, Cooperative Research Laboratory SUGIURA Shinji
  • Development of microphysiological systems and application to drug discovery
  • Microculture environment control using microprocessor
  • Cell separation using photodegradable gel
Tomita's photo Senior Researcher TOMITA Tatsunsouke
  • Molecular mechanism analysis of circadian clock
  • Development of novel bioluminescence system and its application
  • Development of novel cell culturing system
Hirano's photo Senior researcher HIRANO Kazumi
  • Development of evaluation systems for neural and vascular functions using human stem cells
  • Elucidation of the roles of "glycans" and "epigenome" in neurogenesis, disease development, and vascular aging
  • Development of drug discovery support technology using human brain organoids for the treatment of psychiatric disorders
Yamagishi's photo Senior Researcher YAMAGISHI Ayana
  • Functional analysis of intermediate filaments related to metastasis of cancer cells
  • Analysis of the relationship between elastic modulus and metastatic ability of cancer cells
  • Development of a method to evaluate cancer invasiveness by ion efflux ability
Yoshitomi's photo Researcher YOSHITOMI Ren
  • Development and validation of novel microphysiological systems
  • Elucidation of organ-organ interactions
  • Exploration of functional molecules and elucidation of their mechanisms
KAUL's photo Invited Senior Researcher KAUL Sunil
  • Molecular mechanism analysis of mortalin in cancer development
  • Cancer control and treatment with ashwagandha
  • CARF mechanism analysis for stress improvement


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