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Leading-edge Biotechnology Research Group

Leading-edge Biotechnology Research Group Overview

Our group's mission is to use the potential of organisms and our knowledge of chemistry to solve problems in society. We aim to contribute to the development of academia by elucidating biological systems in microorganisms, plants, and animals, and to develop biological products and technologies that contribute to the bio-process and drug discovery based on this understanding, thus contributing to the achievement of a bioeconomical society.

Leading-edge Biotechnology Research Group Overview

Research Project

Project 1: Drug screening with World-largest natural library
Researcher: Hikaru Suenaga, Kei Kudo, Kei Miyako

Natural product library has been applied for drug development, therefore more than 60 percent of the clinical drugs are originated from natural compounds. Pharmaceutical companies provided their natural product library establishing World-largest natural library in our laboratory. We are developing wide range of drug screening for clinical drugs, animal drugs, agricultural chemicals, etc., on various drug targets provided by not only industrial companies but also basic research academia.

Leading-edge Biotechnology Research Group2

Research Project

Project 2: Development of heterologous expression system for the biosynthesis of natural compounds
Researcher: Hikaru Suenaga, Kei Kudo, Kei Miyako

Recent studies revealed that human beings can draw only 1/3 of total ability of the natural compound production by conventional fermentation technology. Our research program targets the development of the next-generation natural compound production technology which leads the production of novel compounds by heterologous expression system applying on cryptic biosynthetic genes. In addition, we perform natural compounds with complex structures which is essential for fine tunings in the drug developments such as improvement of pharmacokinetics, avoidance of side effects and so on. By employing these techniques, we contribute to drug developments.

Leading-edge Biotechnology Research Group3

Research Project

Project 3:Derivatizing natural products by highly-precise genetic manipulation
Researcher: Hikaru Suenaga, Kei Kudo

Natural products are an essential resource of bioactive compounds for developing medicines. Such natural products of highly complex structures are challenging to derivatize even by current organic chemistry, so a new methodology is necessary. Recently, we established a genetic engineering technique (in vitro module editing) capable of precisely manipulating the biosynthetic genes for "polyketides." Since the genes encoding polyketide synthase consist of multiple and highly similar sequences, a precise modification was impossible with a conventional recombination-based technique. Our new method makes genetic insertion, replacement, and deletion consistent with the design. It leads to the production of new polyketides.Based on this technology, we are committing to a burst increment of polyketide diversity (combinatorial biosynthesis), fusing natural products with new medical modalities, developing high-valued compounds for stimulating bio-production society, and so on.

Leading-edge Biotechnology Research Group4

Research Project

Project 4:Analysis platform for epigenetics and proteomics for understanding cell state
Researcher: Shin Kobayashi

Dynamic cellular events beyond genetic encodings, such as epigenetics, and the formation of membraneless organelles, play critical roles in dictating cellular functions. Taking advantage of technologies such as i) live imaging of epigenetic state, using the Momiji system, and ii) Integrated human full-length cDNA clone database that covers 80% of the human proteome and contains their localization information, we study the dynamics of cell state and promote research that will lead to the understanding of organisms and drug discovery.  Specifically, our research focuses on "X chromosome inactivation" in mammals and "non-membrane structures" in the nucleus of mammals.

Leading-edge Biotechnology Research Group5


photo position & name field of expertise and other info
Suenaga's photo Research Group Leader SUENAGA Hikaru
  • Mechanisms of biosynthesis of microbial secondary metabolites
  • Utilization of metagenomics to develop microbial gene resources
  • Production of valuable natural products by microbial heterologous expression
Takahishi's photo Senior Researcher TAKAHASHI Katsutoshi
  • development of MS imaging apparatus
  • bio-molecular structural analysis using electrostatic accumulation ring
  • development of MS-endscope
Kobayashi's photo Senior Researcher KOBAYASHI Shin
  • Epigenetic regulation of early mammalian development
  • Stem cell research using X chromosome reactivation live imaging system
  • Epigenetics research in human genetic diseases
Kudo's photo Researcher KUDO Kei
  • Structural diversification of natural products by genome editing
  • Stable fermentative production of rare natural products
  • Rapid identification of enzymes beneficial for industrial purposes
Miyako's photo Researcher MIYAKO Kei
  • Screening of natural products for discovery of lead compounds for medicines
  • Bio-production of useful natural products
  • Exploration of the biological functions of secondary metabolites
Sriswat's photo Researcher SRISAWAT Pisanee


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