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Healthy Food Science Research Group

Healthy Food Science Research Group Overview

In order to sustain health in the rapidly increasing aging society, we are trying to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of mental disorders such as sleep loss and depression, and lifestyle & stress-related pathologies such as metabolic syndrome.
We are endeavoring to develop novel diagnostic techniques to detect these disorders at their early stages and to develop advanced, natural and safe substances and technologies for their prevention by undertaking multidimensional research projects on food functionality and host homeostasis.

Healthy Food Science Research Group Overview

Research Project

Project 1:Development of antiaging technology using chrono-nutrition
Researcher: Katsutaka Oishi

Japan is a super-aged society. In order to achieve an extension of the healthy life expectancy, it is important to prevent aging-related diseases such as sleep disorders and impaired cognition. Recent studies have revealed that circadian clock is involved in the onset of these aging-related diseases. This “Chrono-nutrition” project is focused on the development of natural substances and technologies for the prevention of sleep disorders, psychiatric diseases, impaired cognition, and metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Healthy Food Science Research Group2

Research Project

Project 2:Research of natural products maintaining health for metabolic syndrome and immune system
Researcher:Papawee Saiki

Recently, we are in an aging society, the development of functional substances that help to lead a healthy life is an important research topic. Therefore, we are developing a bioassay system based on luminescence imaging to search for various health-maintaining functional substances, and searching for functional substances that are effective in immune function, skincare, metabolic syndrome, mental syndrome, etc.

Healthy Food Science Research Group3

Research Project

Project 3:Development of novel diet therapy for skeletal muscle health
Researcher:Tomoki Abe

Skeletal muscle comprises about 40% of body weight in human and plays important roles in regulate energy metabolism and brain function. We aim to develop a novel diet therapy to improve quality and quantity of skeletal muscle.

Healthy Food Science Research Group4


photo position & name field of expertise and other info
Oishi's photo Group reader Katsutaka Oishi
  • Development of prevention technology for lifestyle-related diseases using chrononutrition
  • Elucidation of the mechanisms of onset of mental disorders and lifestyle-related diseases caused by sleep disorders
  • Development of non-invasive diagnostic technology for sleep disorders and depression.
Yasuno's photo Attached to Research Group Rie Yasuno    
Saiki's photo Attached to Research Group Saiki Papawee
  • Searching for new natural compounds to treat stress and skincare
  • Development of functional food for immune function
  • Development of new screening methods for the discovery of functional natural compounds
Abe's photo Senior Researcher Tomoki Abe
  • Development of novel aged myocytes and prevention of sarcopenia
  • Development of prevention of metabolic syndrome through functional foods
  • Suppressive mechanisms for obesity by ubiquitin ligases
Sato's photo Researcher SATO Tomoyuki
  • The effects of biorhythm disturbance on the functions of the liver
  • Mitochondria-dependent mechanisms of diseases
  • How to prevent lifestyle diseases
Lee's photo Researcher LEE Minjung    


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