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Multicellular System Regulation Research Group


Project1:Development of glycan analytical technology
Researcher:Haruki Odaka, Hiroaki Tateno

Glycans cover the outermost layer of all cells and change depending on the cell type and condition (differentiation, cancer, etc.), thus they are called the “cell signature“. They are expected to be used for quality control of cells used in regenerative medicine and as drug targets for cancer and other diseases. We have constructed a recombinant lectin library and have been developing a technology for profiling glycans using this library. We have developed and used lectin arrays in which multiple lectins are immobilized on glass slides. Recently, we have also developed a glycan profiling by sequencing, and succeeded in establishing a technology (scGR-seq) for simultaneous analysis of glycan expression and gene expression in individual cells. We have also applied this technology to glycan profiling of microbiota. We will continue to further advance and apply this technology.

Multicellular System Regulation Research Group02


Project2:Development of the quality control technology of stem cells
Researcher:Tomoko Watanabe, Yoshikazu Haramoto, Shuuji Mawaribuchi, Hiroaki Tateno

Human pluripotent cells and human mesenchymal stem cells are expected as cell sources for regenerative medicine. When transplanting these cells into humans, ensuring the safety and quality of the cells is extremely important. So far, we have succeeded in developing a technology for non-destructively detecting and removing the tumorigenic human pluripotent stem cells remaining in the cells for transplantation, and have successfully commercialized it in collaboration with a company. We will continue to develop new quality control technology.

Multicellular System Regulation Research Group03


Project3:Development of diagnostic technology for cancer, diabetes, neuronal diseases, and mental disorders.
Researcher:Mawaribuchi Shuuji、Odaka Haruki、Kuwabara Tomoko、Tateno Hiroaki

The development of diagnostic techniques for cancer, diabetes, and psychiatric/neurological disorders is important for definitive diagnosis, decision of treatment policy, improvement of QOL, and early rehabilitation. We aim to develop a new diagnostic technology by analyzing the cell function and gene/glycan expression of diseased cells (prostate cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, mental disorders).

Multicellular System Regulation Research Group04


Project4:Separation and purification of exosomes, and development of utilization technology
Researcher:Noriyuki Ishii, Haruki Odaka, Tomoko Watanabe, Hiroaki Tateno

Exosomes are membrane-bound extracellular vesicles (EVs) produced in the endosomal compartment of most eukaryotic cells that are transported to other cells by the systemic circulation, and function as an intercellular communication tool in Embryological, Physiological, and Pathological processes. We collaborate with researchers inside and outside the laboratory to advance the technology for preparing EVs that are in an intrinsic state immediately after they are secreted from cells, develop technology for their utilization, and understand the functions of glycans of EVs. We will try to clarify the essence of the mysterious exosome.

Multicellular System Regulation Research Group05


Project5:Elucidation of mechanisms for organ development and tissue regeneration
Researcher:Yoshikazu Haramoto

To develop the methodology to generate organs and tissues applicable in regenerative medicine, we study in vivo differentiation mechanisms of organs and tissues. Amphibians are known for high regenerative capability among the Vertebrata. We analyze their regenerative mechanism and aim to apply the obtained insights to medicine. In addition, adult stem cells with self-renewal ability and pluripotency play an important role in maintaining homeostasis by compensating for cells lost in various tissues, are expected as useful stem cells for regenerative medicine. We aim to search for adult stem cells and to elucidate the microenvironment and signals that are important for self-renewal and maintenance of undifferentiated state of adult stem cells.

Multicellular System Regulation Research Group06


Project6:Microwave-assisted synthesis of glycopeptides
Researcher:Hiroki SHIMIZU

Microwave, as used in microwave ovens, can heat material efficiently and is also used a tool to heat chemical reactions effectively. In addition, there have been many studies about the unique microwave non-thermal effects, but it tends to be questioned because many of reported papers developed their discussion based on inaccurate experiments and a certain expert researcher denied it.
Even though this background, we have researched the microwave non-thermal effect. Specifically, we successfully made “an impossible reaction into possible" in a synthesis of LeX trisaccharide by microwave irradiation at low temperatures. We successfully accelerated an enzymatic reaction by utilizing the conductive loss. To apply non-thermal microwave effect for glycopeptides syntheses, we have successfully improved both of stability and reactivity of expensive and valuable glyco-amino acid synthons and established unique methods for syntheses of complex glycopeptides in several tens of mg scales. Synthesized complex glycopeptides having variety of glycans have been applied for the secondary research, e.g. drug discovery research field.

Multicellular System Regulation Research Group07


Name Position
TATENO Hiroaki Research Group Leader
SHIMIZU Hiroki Senior Researcher
ISHII Noriyuki Senior Researcher
KUWABARA Tomoko Senior Researcher
HARAMOTO Yoshikazu Senior Researcher
MAWARIBUCHI Shuuji Senior Researcher
WATANABE Tomoko Senior Researcher
ODAKA Haruki Researcher


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