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Stem Cell Biotechnology Research Group


Project1:Research of adipose tissue for regenerative medicine
Researcher:Yasuyuki S. Kida, Nobuhito Mori, Yuzo Takayama

Our goal is establishing global informatic data and usages of adipose tissue. We are also challenging to develop stem cell technologies for regenerative medicine.

Stem Cell Biotechnology Research Group02


Project2:In vitro reconstruction of inter-organ interactions using neural interface
Researcher:Yuzo Takayama

By connecting the peripheral nervous system (PNS) to organ, we have attempted to apply it to drug discovery assay systems. In addition, we are focusing on the development of induction methods for neurons in the autonomic nervous system.

Stem Cell Biotechnology Research Group03


Project3:Fabrication of artificial tissues integrated with vascular channels
Researcher:MORI Nobuhito

We investigate a technique for fabricating large vascular channels and capillaries in artificial tissues by a tissue culture device. Our system enables supply of oxygen and nutrients to maintain large tissues and also drugs for toxicity and efficacy test.

Stem Cell Biotechnology Research Group04


Project4:Development of non-invasive cell fractionation technology by confocal Raman spectroscopy
Researcher:Yuka Akagi

We develop non-invasive and high accurate cell fractionation technology by applying confocal Raman spectroscopy to living-tissue derived cell. This technology can lead the development of new drugs using processed cell.

Stem Cell Biotechnology Research Group05


Project5:Medical seeds study of stromal shield features and roles related to escape immune surveillance
Researcher:Yasuyuki S. Kida, Yutaro Kumagai, Nobuhito Mori, Yuzo Takayama

we attempt to uncover pivotal mechanisms in the tumor environment and discover medical seeds that break through the important clinical characteristics.

Stem Cell Biotechnology Research Group6


Project6:Research on immunoinformatics
Researcher:Yutaro Kumagai

To reveal mechanism of immune system, which is involved in not only detecting foreign bodies such as pathogens, but also in cancer and metabolic diseases, we integrate experimental, information theoretical, and mathematical methods.

Stem Cell Biotechnology Research Group7


Project7:Development of pressure driven microphyiological systems
Researcher:Shinji Sugiura, Toshiyuki Kanamori

We aim to develop pressure-driven microphysiological systems (PD-MPS) that can create and maintain high-level cell and organ functions as an alternative to animal experiments and a novel research tool in drug discovery.

Stem Cell Biotechnology Research Group08


Name Position
KIDA Yasuyuki Research Group Leader
SUGIURA Shinji Chief Senior Researcher
TAKAYAMA Yuzo Senior Researcher
KUMAGAI Yutaro Senior Researcher
MORI Nobuhito Researcher
AKAGI Yuuka Researcher


  • Akagi, Y; Mori, N; Kawamura, T; Takayama, Y; Kida, YS.
    Non-invasive cell classification using the Paint Raman Express Spectroscopy System (PRESS)
    SCI REP. 2021 Apr 23;11(1):8818. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-88056-3
  • Mori, N; Kida, YS.
    Applicability of Artificial Vascularized Liver Tissue to Proteomic Analysis.
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  • Miyazaki Y, Oda T, Inagaki Y, Kushige H, Saito Y, Mori N, Takayama Y, Kumagai Y, Mitsuyama T, Kida YS
    Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into heterogeneous cancer-associated fibroblasts in a stroma-rich xenograft model.
    SCI REP. 2021 Feb 25;11(1):4690. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-84058-3
  • Kumagai Y, Hirasawa T, Wachi M
    Requirement of the LtsA Protein for Formation of the Mycolic Acid-Containing Layer on the Cell Surface of Corynebacterium glutamicum.
    MICROORGANISMS. 2021 Feb 16;9(2):409. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms9020409
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  • Baba T, Takagi T, Sumaru K, Kanamori T, Dewa T, Nango M
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  • Takayama Y, Akagi Y, Shibuya Y, Kida YS
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  • Miyazaki Y, Oda T, Mori N, Kida YS
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  • Yamahira S, Satoh T, Yanagawa F, Tamura M, Takagi T, Nakatani E, Kusama Y, Sumaru K, Sugiura S, Kanamori T
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  • Mori N, Kida YS
    Expression of genes involved in drug metabolism differs between perfusable 3D liver tissue and conventional 2D-cultured hepatocellular carcinoma cells
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  • Maruyama K, Kidoya H, Takemura N, Sugisawa E, Takeuchi O, Kondo T, Eid MMA, Tanaka H, Martino MM, Takakura N, Takayama Y, Akira S, Vandenbon A, Kumagai Y
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    Cell Rep. 32: 107906 (2020) doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2020.107906
  • Sugisawa E, Takayama Y, Takemura N, Kondo T, Hatakeyama S, Kumagai Y, Sunagawa M, Tominaga M, Maruyama K
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  • Yamahira S, Satoh T, Yanagawa F, Tamura M, Takagi T, Nakatani E, Kusama Y, Sumaru K, Sugiura S, Kanamori T
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  • Watanabe U,Sugiura S, Kakehata M, Yanagawa F, Takagi T, Sumaru K, Satoh T, Tamura M, Hosokawa Y, Torizuka K, Kanamori T
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  • Takayama Y, Kushige H, Akagi Y, Suzuki Y, Kumagai Y, Kida YS*
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  • Mori N, Akagi Y, Imai Y, Takayama Y, Kida YS*
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    A Multi-Throughput Multi-Organ-On-A-Chip System on a Plate Formatted Pneumatic Pressure-Driven Medium Circulation Platform
    Lab Chip. 18:115-125 (2017) doi: 10.1039/c7lc00952f
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