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Molecular and Cellular Glycoproteomics Research Group

Molecular & Cellular Glycoproteomics Research Group Overview

Proteins, one of the major components of our bodies, fulfill their function with a post-translational event “glycosylation.” This is the reason why we must analyze protein glycosylation, whereas the “real world” has still been black box caused by lack-of-technology. Our team attempts the open door to know the structure-function relationship using an original “Molecular & Cellular Glycoproteome Network” with fruitful collaborations, resulting in the contribution to medicine.

Molecular & Cellular Glycoproteomics Research Group Overview

Research Project

Project 1:Development of multi-omics technologies for integrated understanding of post-translational protein modifications
Researcher: KUNO Atsushi, NAGAI-OKATANI Chiaki, SAKAUE Hiroaki

Post-translational protein modification (glycosylation, amino acid isomerization, etc.) has a pivotal role in the functional regulation of proteins via the modifications of their three-dimensional structures, subcellular localization, and interactions with other functional molecules. To better understand the biological roles of such modifications, it is important to elucidate how physiological and pathological changes will alter the synthetic machinery/mechanism, and consequently, what sites of what proteins will be modified with which structural compartments, at each level of proteins, cells, tissues, and organisms. To confront these important matters, this research group aims to develop multi-omics technologies, including glycoproteomics, glycomics, glyco-transcriptomics, and glyco-metabolomics, etc. These multi-omics data will be available in the public databases that we and our colleagues developed, which will contribute to the glycoscience community.

Development of multi-omics technologies for integrated understanding of post-translational protein modifications

Research Project

Project 2:Functional analysis of cellular glycosylation
Researcher: SATO Takashi, FUKUDA Eriko

Many diseases such as cancer trigger changes in cell glycomes, known as "disease-related glycosylation alteration." We have previously developed various disease-biomarkers and molecular-targeted drugs by targeting this disease-related glycosylation alteration. On the other hand, the biological significance of the phenomena is yet not well understood. Our goal is reaching to a comprehensive understanding of the physiological and pathological "function of glycans" in tumors, virus infections, aging as well as immunities, reproductions, and other cell functions by using multi-omics approaches.

Functional analysis of cellular glycosylation

Staff Members

photo position & name field of expertise and other info
Kuno's photo Research Group Leader KUNO Atsushi
  • Glycobiomarker/Glycotarget R&D
  • LM-Glycome/GlycoproteomeAtlas DB
  • Full-automation of glycan profiling system
Sato's photo Senior Researcher SATO Takashi
  • Study of glycan function through glycogene modification
  • Glycan biomarker research using modified lectin
  • Glycoprotein production using glycoengineered cells
Okatani's photo Senior Researcher NAGAI-OKATANI Chiaki
  • Glycan imaging technology
  • Glycoinformatics tools
  • Glycomarker / Glycotarget R&D
Fukuda's photo Researcher FUKUDA Eriko
  • Comprehensive detection and antigen identification of serum autoantibodies related to diseases and health status
  • High-throughput protein expression and purification techniques
  • High-density and high-functionality protein microarray fabrication techniques
Sakaue's photo Researcher SAKAUE Hiroaki
  • Comprehensive analysis of glycoproteins (glyco-proteomics)
  • Development of technology for comprehensive analysis of D-amino acid-containing proteins
  • Development of a methodology for simultaneous analysis of multiple post-translational modifications
Fuseya's photo Researcher FUSEYA Sayaka


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