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About BMD

Greetings from the director

In the fourth term, AIST, an independent administrative institution, changed its status to the National Research and Development Corporation. In the new organizational set up, Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI) will retain its identity and enter its sixth year of existence. During this period, a lot of new technologies have been developed in biomedical research and more are underway, and need to be endeavored in the area of drug discovery and therapeutics.

BMRI focuses research on the relationship of structure and function of biomolecules in normal and diseased physiology, and their regulatory mechanisms using in vitro and in vivo platforms. We are committed to develop new technologies required for drug discovery and therapeutics in cooperation with the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Furthermore, we aim to strengthen the AIST hub function to support academia, biomedical industries and international research organizations for global competitiveness in basic high value research, international standardization of biotechnology and applications.