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List of publications by Research Institute for Material and Chemical Measurement.
Partially Japanese only.


 Studies on Isotope Ratio Measurement of Cl by Inductively Coupled Plasma Triple-quad Mass Spectrometry

 Analytical Sciences, 2017, 33 (3), 375-380


 Determination of Ultra-trace Metal Impurities in High-purity Cadmium Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass
 Spectrometry after Matrix Separation with Anion Exchange Resin

 Analytical Sciences, 2017, 33 (3), 357-363



 Detection and analytical capabilities for trace level of carbon in high-purity metals by laser induced breakdown
 spectroscopy with a frequency quintupled 213 nm Nd:YAG laser

  Journal of Chemistry, Volume 2017 (2017), Article ID 1095183, 7 pages


・薗部博則、六鹿元雄、阿部 孝、阿部智之、阿部 裕、大坂郁恵、大野春香、大野浩之、大野雄一郎、
大畑昌輝、尾崎麻子、柿原芳輝、小林 尚、柴田 博、関戸晴子、高坂典子、竹中 佑、但馬吉保、
田中 葵、外岡大幸、中西 徹、野村千枝、羽石奈穂子、早川雅人、疋田晃典、松山重倫、三浦俊彦、
山口未来、渡辺一成、佐藤恭子、穐山 浩


 食品衛生学雑誌 57, 5 (2016) 169-178


 Exploring the Degradation of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Resin Certified Reference Material for
 Heavy Metal Analysis

 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 55 (2016) 5618-5622



 促進耐候性試験による樹脂中Dechlorane Plusの環境汚染への可能性に関する


環境化学 26, 2 (2016) 61-66



 Spectroscopic Characteristic and Analytical Capability of Ar-N2 Inductively Coupled Plasma in Axially Viewing
 Optical Emission Spectrometry

 Analytical Sciences 32, 2 (2016) 219-224

・羽成修康、大竹貴光、大畑昌輝、伊藤信靖、和田彩佳、Jerzy Falandysz

 Changes in behavior of flame retardants in acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene and polycarbonate resins
 by weathering tests

 Organohalogen Compounds 77 (2016) 230-233


Ju,X ; Igarashi, K ; Miyashita, S ; Mitsuhashi, H ; Inagaki, K ; Fujii, S ; Sawada, H ; Kuwabara, T ; Minoda, A

Effective and selective recovery of gold and palladium ions from metal wastewater using a sulfothermophilic
red alga, Galdieria sulphuraria.

  BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY ,211 : 759-764 JUL 2016

Narukawa, T ; Inagaki, K ; Naito, S ; Zhu, YB ; Miyashita, S ; Kuroiwa, T ; Hioki, A ; Fujimoto, T ; Chiba, K

Assessment of technical problems in the analysis of inorganic elements in squid through proficiency testing



S. Yamauchi, K. Akamatsu, T. Niwa, H. Kitano, H. Abe

 Novel humidity sensor using heat pipe: Phase transition thermally balanced sensor designed
 for measurement of high humidity at high temperature

 Sens. Actuators A, 250, pp.1-6.


Koji Hashiguchi, Hisashi Abe

 Measurement error in frequency measured using wavelength meter due to residual moisture i
 n interferometer and a simple method to avoid it

 Meas. Sci. Technol., 27, pp.115004.


Nobuhiro Matsumoto, Kaeko Takada, Takuya Shimosaka

 Development of a certified reference material of nitrous oxide in nitrogen for emission gas measurement

 Accred. Qual. Assur., 21, pp.335-339.


Namita Panda, Mieon Kim, Nobuyuki Aoki, Zeyi Zhou, Takuya Shimosaka, Youngdoo Kim, Sangil Lee,
Dalho Kim

 Validation of primary formaldehyde gas standards prepared by dynamic thermogravimetry
 through a tri-national comparison of gaseous formaldehyde amount fraction

 Accred Qual Assur21, pp.295-304.


K. Hashiguchi, Daniel Lisak, Agata Cygan, Roman Ciuryło, H. Abe

 Wavelength-meter controlled cavity ring-down spectroscopy: high-sensitivity detection of
 trace moisture in N2 at sub-ppb levels

 Sens. Actuators A, 241, pp.152-160.


T. Watanabe, T. Maeda

 SI-traceable Determination of the Concentrations of a Hydrocarbons Gas Mixture by Using
 Post-column Reaction Gas Chromatography

 Bunseki Kagaku, 65, pp.221-228.


K. Tsuboi, H. Matsueda, Y. Sawa, Y. Niwa, M. Takahashi, S. Takatsuji, T. Kawasaki, T. Shimosaka,
T. Watanabe, K. Kato

 Scale and stability of methane standard gas in JMA and comparison with MRI standard gas Pap. Meteorol.
 Geohys., 66, pp.15-24.


T. Otake, M. Numata, and A. Takatsu

 Development of human serum certified reference material for quantification of polychlorinated biphenyls

 Int J Environ Anal Chem. 2016 Dec; 96 (14) 1378-88. DOI: 10.1080/03067319.2016.1264583


S. Inagaki, M. Numata, Y. Kitamaki, N. Hanari, and R. Iwasawa:

 Characterization of water content in biodiesel fuel certified reference material (NMIJ CRM 8302-a)

 Accred Qual Assur. 2016 Oct; 21(5): 361-6. DOI: 10.1007/s00769-016-1230-z


N. Hanari, T. Otake, N. Itoh, A. Wada, and M. Ohata

 Pre-feasibility study on environmental pollution of dechlorane plus in resins by accelerated weathering tests

 J Environ Chem. 2016 Jun; 26(2): 61-6.


T. Yarita, T. Otake, Y. Aoyagi, M. Numata, and A. Takatsu

 Difference between consensus value of participants’ results and isotope-dilution mass spectrometric results
  in proficiency testing for pesticide residues in husked whea

 Anal Sci. 2016 May;32(5): 557-63. DOI: 10.2116/analsci.32.557


T. Otake, T. Yarita, T. Sakamoto, M. Numata, and A. Takatsu

 Proficiency testing for quantification of pesticide residues in treated brown rice samples:
 comparison of performance  of Japanese official multiresidue, modified QuEChERS, and QuEChERS methods

 J AOAC Int. 2016 May-Jun; 99(3) 821-9. DOI: 10.5740/jaoacint.16-0038


S. Miyashita, H. Mitsuhashi, S. Fujii, A. Takatsu, K. Inagaki, T. Fujimoto

 High transport efficiency of nanoparticles through a total consumption sample introduction system
 in single particle ICP-MS. Anal.

 Bioanal. Chem., 30, 280-284(2016)


S. Shibayama, S. Fujii, K. Inagaki, T. Yamazaki, A. Takatsu

 Formic acid hydrolysis/liquid chromatography isotope dilution mass spectrometry: An accurate method for large
  DNA quantification.

 J. Chromatogra. A, 1468, 109-115(2016)

 Y. Sakaguchi, T. Kinumi, T. Yamazaki, A. Takatsu:

  Quantification of peptides using separately-derivatization for sensitive and stable isotope-code with micro liquid      chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.

 J. Mass Spectrom., 51, 1111-1119(2016)


T. Nishikawa, M. Omura, M. Kawaguchi, A. Takatsu, F. Satoh, S. Ito, I. Kurihara, H Itoh, T. Yanase, H. Shibata,
  Y.Oki, M. Naruse, K. Sakurai, H Sasaoto, K. Kuwa

 Calibration and evaluation of routine methods by serum certified reference material for
 aldosterone measurement in blood.

ENDOCRINE JOURNAL.,63(12), 1065-1080(2016)


Y. Shigeri, T. Kamimura, M. Ando, K. Uegaki, H. Sato, F. Tani, R. Arakawa, K. Kinumi

  2-hydrazinoquinoline: a reactive matrix for MALDI-MS to detect gaseous carbonyl compounds.

Eur. J. Mass Spectrom., 22, 83-90(2016)


J. Xiaohui, K. Igarashi, S. Miyashita, H. Mitsuhashi, K. Inagaki, S. Fujii, H. Sawada, T. Kuwabara, A. Minoda

 Effective and selective recovery of gold and palladium ions from metal wastewater
 using a sulfothermophilic red alga, Galdieria sulphuraria

 Bioresource Technology, 211, 759-764(2016)


Y. Sakaguchi, T. Kinumi, T. Yamazaki, A. Takatsu

 Quantification of glycated N-terminal peptide of hemoglobin using derivatization for
 multiple functional groups of amino acids followed by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry.

 Biomedical Chromatogr., 30, 280-284(2016)


・吉本茂, 細見博之, 高井良浩, 伊藤賢志:




Z. Chen, C. Yin, S. Wang, K. Ito, Q. M. Fu, Q. R. Deng, P. Fu, Z. D. Lin, and Y Zhang:

 Antifouling enhancement of polysulfone/TiO2 nanocomposite separation membrane by plasma etching

 The Journal of Physics: Conference Series, in press (2017) .


S. Yoshimoto, K. Ito, H. Hosomi, T. Nakamura, and M. Takeda

  Nanopore structure relevant to the D2O permeation into silica thin films as studied by secondary
   ion mass spectrometry, ellipsometric porosimetory and positron annihilation

  The Journal of Physics: Conference Series, in press (2017) .


K. Numata, K. Sato, K. Fujimoto, and K. Ito:

  Positron beam studies of saponite film prepared by precipitation method

  The Journal of Physics: Conference Series, in press (2017) .


M. Yamawaki, K. Ito, K. Hattori, and N. Uesugi:

  Development of a commercial positron annihilation lifetime measurement system

  The Journal of Physics: Conference Series, in press (2017) .


T. Shirasawa, W. Voegeli, E. Arakawa, T. Takahashi, and T. Matsushita

 Structural Change of the RutileTiO2(110) Surface During the Photoinduced Wettability Conversion

 J. Phys. Chem. C 120 (2016) 29107-29115.


H.  Togashi:

 Properties of Laser Speckle Images Produced from Narrow Elliptical Illumination Regions

 J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 33 (2016) 1283.


・吉本茂, 伊藤賢志:


 , 41(1), 9-15 (2016).


・萩原英昭, オロークブライアン, 伊藤賢志:


 , 41(1), 2-8 (2016).


M. Horie, S. Endoh, J. Maru, H. Kato & K. Fujita

 Pharyngeal aspiration of single-wall carbon nanotubes aggravates allergic reaction to inhaled ovalbumin
  in mice
Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, DOI:10.1080/02772248.2016.11470422016)

  H. Kato, A. Nakamura, N. Ouchi & S. Kinugasa

  Determination of bimodal size distribution using dynamic light scattering methods in the submicrometer
  size range

  Materials Express, 6, 175 (2016)


・田島奈穂子, クンプアンソマワン, 原史朗, 飯田健次郎, 榎原研正, 桜井博 


 エアロゾル研究 Vol. 31 (2016) No. 4 p. 266-277


Katsuhiro SHIRONO, Masanori SHIRO, Hideyuki TANAKA and Kensei EHARA,

  Proficiency tests with uncertainty information: analysis using the maximum likelihood method

  Acta IMEKO, Vol. 5, No. 3 (2016) 16-23.


Katsuhiro SHIRONO, Masanori SHIRO, Hideyuki TANAKA and Kensei EHARA

  Proficiency tests with uncertainty information: Detection of an unknown random effect

  Measurement, 83 (2016) 144-152.


Katsuhiro SHIRONO, Masanori SHIRO, Hideyuki TANAKA and Kensei EHARA

  Proficiency tests with uncertainty information: Extension of the En number for cases with no reference laboratory

  Measurement, 83 (2016) 135-143.

・山田裕之, 船戸浩二, 桜井博

Application of the PMP Methodology to the Measurement of Sub 23 nm Solid Particles: Calibration Procedures, Experimental Uncertainties and Data Correction Methods

J AEROSOL SCI, 88 (2015) 58-71

Liqing Wu, 高津 章子, Sang-Ryoul Park, Bin Yang, Huaxin Yang, 絹見 朋也, Jing Wang, Jiaming Bi, Yang Wang

Development and co-validation of porcine insulin certified reference material by high-performance liquid chromatography-isotope dilution mass spectrometry

ANAL BIOANAL CHEM, 407 (2015) 3125-3135


鎗田 , 青柳 嘉枝, 大竹 貴光

Evaluation of the impact of matrix effect on quantification of pesticides in foods by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry using isotope-labeled internal standards

J CHROMATOGR A, 1396 (2015) 109-116


阿部 , 北野 , 松本 信洋, 高橋 千晴

Uncertainty analysis for trace-moisture standard realized using magnetic suspension balance/diffusion-tube humidity generator at NMIJ

METROLOGIA, 52 (2015) 731-740


羽成 修康, 石川 啓一郎, 清水 由隆, 大塚 聡子, 岩澤 良子, 藤木 直美, 沼田 雅彦, 鎗田 , 加藤 健次

Certification of reference materials for the determination of alkylphenols

ANAL BIOANAL CHEM, 407 (2015) 3239-3247


坂口 洋平, 池永 , 吉田 秀幸, 巴山 , 糸山 美紀, 轟木 堅一郎, 今給 黎修, 山口 政俊, 能田

Selective LC determination method of 5-hydroxyindoles with fluorous and fluorogenic


J PHARMACEUT BIOMED, 114 (2015) 348-354


加藤 , 山崎 太一, 加藤 尚志, 惠山 , 後藤 麻里, 吉岡 真理子, 高津 章子

Development of high-purity certified reference materials for 17 proteinogenic amino acids by the traceable titration methods

ANAL SCI, 31 (2015) 805-814


朝海 敏昭, 日置 昭治

Reliability in standardization of sodium thiosulfate with potassium dichromate

MICROCHEM J, 123 (2015) 9-14


・野間 遼平, 中島 清隆, 鎌田 慶吾, 北野 政明, 繁信, 亨和

Formation of 5- (Hydroxymethyl) furfural by Stepwise Dehydration over TiO2 with Water-Tolerant Lewis Acid Sites

J PHYS CHEM C, 119 (2015) 17117-17125


柴山 祥枝, 坂牧 , 山崎 太一, 高津 章子

Metal Free columns for determination of Deoxynucleotide Monophosphate by Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry and Application to Oligonucleotide

J CHROMATOGR A, 1406 (2015) 210-214


S. Bell, M. Stevens, 阿部 , R. Benyon, R. Bosma, V. Fernicola, M. Heinone, P. Hung, 北野 , Z. Li, J. Nielsen,
信昭, O. A. Podmurnaya, G. Scace, D. Smorgon, T. Vicente, A. F. Vinge, L. Wang, H. Yi

Final report on CCT-K6: Comparison of local realisations of dew-point temperature scales in the range 50 °C to +20 °C

METROLOGIA, 52 (2015) 03005


Jessica P. Garzon, Jose I. Huertas, Miguel Magana, Mariacutea E. Huertas, Beatriz Cardenas, 渡邉 卓朗,
前田 恒昭, 若松 伸司, Salvador Blanco

Volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere of Mexico City

ATMOS ENVIRON, 115 (2015) 415-429


大畑 昌輝, 城所 敏浩

Effect of Long-time X-ray Irradiation on Cr and Hg in a Polypropylene Disk Certified Reference Material Observed during Measurements by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

ANAL SCI, 31 (2015) 855-858


大畑 昌輝, 桜井 , 西口講平, 宇谷啓介, グンター デトレフ

Direct analysis of ultra-trace semiconductor gas by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry coupled with gas to particle conversion-gas exchange technique

ANAL CHIM ACTA, 891 (2015) 73-78


・三町 博子, 高橋 正浩, 竹谷 , 後藤 義人, 米山 明男, 兵藤 一行, 武田 徹, 村山 哲郎

Effect of Long-Term Storage and Thermal History on the Gas Content of Natural Gas Hydrate Pellets under Ambient Pressure

ENERG FUEL, 29 (2015) 4827-4834

大竹 貴光伊藤 信靖大畑 昌輝羽成 修康

 Optimization of Microwave-Assisted Extraction for the Determination of Organic Flame Retardants in Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

 Analytical Letters, 48 (2015) 2319-2328

P.J. Brewer, D. Panagoulia, R.J.C. Brown, A. Tromans, A. Reyes, M. Arce, A. Vospelova, M. Roziková, K.W. Pratt, 朝海敏昭, P.T. Jakobsen, M.F. Camões, C.S. Oliveira, I. Godinho, P. Spitzer, B. Sander, M. Máriássy, L. Vyskočil, P. Fisicaro, D. Stoica, E. Uysal 

 International comparison on Ag|AgCl electrodes for pH measurement

 Measurement, 66 (2015) 131-138


日置昭治, 朝海敏昭, Igor Maksimov, 鈴木俊宏, 三浦勉, Krairerk Obromsook, Nongluck Tangpaisarnkul,
Patumporn Rodruangthum, Siu-Kay Wong, Wai-Hing Lam, Osman Zakaria, Khirul Anuar Mohd. Amin,
Ngo Huy Thanh, Michal Mariassy, Leos Vyskocil, Zuzana Hankova, Paola Fisicaro, Daniela Stoica, Nahar Singh, Daya Soni, Galia Ticona Canaza, Viatcheslav Kutovoy, Fabiano Barbieri Gonzaga, Julio Cesar Dias,
Alena Vospelova, Nickolay Bakovets and Bibinur Zhanasbayeva

Report of the key comparison APMP.QM-K19. APMP comparison on pH measurement of borate buffer

Metrologia 52, Technical Supplement (2015) 8003




Certified reference materials of agricultural products and foods bearing radioactivity from the Fukushima nuclear accident

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, DOI: 10.1007/s10967-015-4445-2


Shin-ichi Miyashita, Chisato Murota, Keisuke Kondo, Shoko Fujiwara, Mikio Tsuzuki

 Arsenic metabolism in cyanobacteria

 Env. Chem.,

H. Abe, D. Lisak, A. Cygan, R. Ciuryło

 Reliable, robust measurement system for trace moisture in gas at parts-per-trillion levels using cavity ring-down spectroscopy

 Rev. Sci. Instrum., 86 (2015) 106110


Edgar Flores, Joële Viallon, Tiphaine Choteau, Philippe Moussay, Robert I Wielgosz, Namgoo Kang, Byung Moon Kim, Ewelina Zalewska, Adriaan (A M H) van der Veen, Leonid Konopelko, Hai Wu, Qiao Han, George Rhoderick, Franklin R Guenther, Takuro Watanabe, Takuya Shimosaka, Kenji Kato, Brad Hall and Paul Brewer

 International comparison CCQM-K82: methane in air at ambient level (1800 to 2200) nmol/mol

 Metrologia, 52 (2015) 8001

Nobuhiro Matsumoto, Takuya Shimosaka

 Purity analyses of high-purity organic compounds with nitroxyl radicals based on Curie-Weiss law

 J. Applied Physics, 117 (2015) 17E114-117E114-4


Shinsuke Inagaki, Nahoko Morii, Masahiko Numata

 Determination of water content by headspace gas chromatography/mass spectrometry with standard addition technique

 Anal. Methods, 7 (2015) 4816-4820

Kato M., Kinumi T., Yoshioka M., Goto M., Fujii S-i., Takatsu A.

 Development of C-reactive protein certified reference material NMIJ CRM 6201-bOptimization of a hydrolysis process to improve the accuracy of amino acid analysis

 Anal. Bioanal. Chem, 40711(2015) 3137-3146


Sakaguchi Y, Kinumi T, Yamazaki T, Takatsu A.

 Quantification of glycated N-terminal peptide of hemoglobin using derivatization for multiple functional groups of amino acids followed by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry

 Biomed Chromatogr, オンライン掲載

Shigeri Y., Yasuda A., Sakai M., Ikeda S., Arakawa R., Sato H., and Kinumi T

Hydrazide and hydrazine reagents as reactive matrices for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry to detect steroids with carbonyl groups

Eur. J. Mass Spectrom., 21 (2015) 79-90

Motoyasu Imamura, Eiichi Kobayashi and Masahiro Sasaki

 Depth analysis on oxidation of Al/Si (111) thin film by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

 using synchrotron radiation

 Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 54 (2015) 55202

・Katsuhide Fujita, Makiko Fukuda, Shigehisa Endoh, Junko Maru, Haruhisa Kato,

Ayako Nakamura, Naohide Shinohara, Kanako Uchino & Kazumasa Honda

    Size effects of single-walled carbon nanotubes on in vivo and in vitro pulmonary toxicity 

    Inhalation Toxicology, 27 (2015) 207-223


K. Fujita, S. Endoh, H. Kato, N. Shinohara, K. Honda

 Development and dissemination of hazard assessment of carbon nanotubes by in vitro 

cell-based assay for voluntary safety management

Toxicology Letters, 238 (2015) S195-S196

M. Horie, H. Kato, S. Endoh, A. Nakamura, J. Maru, N. Shinohara, K. Fujita

 Effects of various carbon nanotube suspensions on A549, THP-1, and peritoneal 

 macrophage cells

 Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, 24 (2015) 1-13

Hinako Kizuka, Takashi Yagi, Junjun Jia, Yuichiro Yamashita, Shinichi Nakamura,

 Naoyuki Taketoshi, and Yuzo Shigesato

 Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity of VO2 thin films across metal-insulator


 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 54 (2015) 053201

N. Shinohara, K. Tokiwa, H. Fujihisa, Y. Gotoh, S. Ishida, K. Kihou, C. H. Lee, 

 H. Eisaki,Y. Yoshida, A. Iyo

 Synthesis, structure, and phase diagram of (Sr1xNax) Fe2As2 superconductors

 Superconductor Science and Technology, 28 (2015) 062001

Kohta Asano, Shigenobu Hayashi, Kouji Miura, Hirotoshi Enoki, Yumiko Nakamura

 Effect of dissolved oxygen on hydrogenation of vanadium and hydrogen diffusion in the  

 monohydride phase

 Acta Materiallia, 103 (2015) 23-29

T. Kobori, S. Muromachi, T. Yamasaki, S. Takeya, Y. Yamamoto, S. Alavi, Ryo Ohmura

 Phase Behavior and Structural Characterization of Ionic Clathrate Hydrate Formed with

 Tetranbutylphosphonium Hydroxide: Discovery of Primitive Crystal Structure

 Cryst. Growth Dess., 15 (2015) 3862-3867

S. Takeya, Y. Gotoh, A. Yoneyama, K. Hyodo, T. Takeda

 Observation of the growth process of icy materials in interparticle spaces: Phase-contrast

 X-ray imaging of clathrate hydrate

 Can. J. Chem., 93 (2015) 983-987


K. Imasato, K. Murayama, S. Takeya, S. Alavi, R. Ohmura

 Effect of nitrogen atom substitution in cyclic guests on properties of structure H clathrate


 Can. J. Chem., 93 (2015) 906-912

S. Muromachi, M. Kida, S. Takeya, Y. Yamamoto, R. Ohmura

 Characterization of the ionic clathrate hydrate of tetra-n-butylammonium acrylate

 Can. J. Chem., 93 (2015) 954-959

H. Mimachi, M. Takahashi, S. Takeya, Y. Gotoh, A. Yoneyama, K. Hyodo, T. Takeda,

T. Murayama

 Effect of Long-Term Storage and Thermal History on the Gas Content of Natural Gas Hydrate Pellets under Ambient Pressure

 Energy & Fuels, 29 (2015) 4827-4834


T. Arunyanart, U. Siripatrawan, S. Takeya, H. Noritake, Y. Makino, S. Oshita

 A combined method implementing both xenon hydrate formation and the freezing process for the preservation of barley as a simulated food

 J. Food Eng., 165 (2015) 104-111