2nd International Symposium on Integrated Microsystems

 Second International Symposium on Integrated Microsystems (ISIM2012) will be held on 10th Feb. 2012 at Tsukuba Japan.
One of the main topics of this symposium is to share and discuss the most recent achievements of the project "Integrated Microsystems", conducted under the direction by Professor Esashi at Tohoku University, main researcher of one of the Japanese Funding Programs for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST).
 The other object of the symposium is to discuss about the management of laboratories and foundry services on MEMS industry promotion among the attendees from different backgrounds and nationalities. We would like to share and discuss about the ideal platform for MEMS industrialization to fill the commercialization gap from R&D, prototype to large scale production.  

Symposium Date : 2012/02/13 (Mon)
Venue : Epochal Tsukuba

Technical tour
Date : 2012/02/14 (Tue) 
Symposium Program  
09:30 ・ Introduction of the "Integrated Microsysytems" project  Prof. Masayoshi Esashi  Tohoku Univ.  
 Part 1. Project report 
09:40  ・ Initial stage prototyping for the hetero integration  Prof. Shuji Tanaka  Tohoku Univ. 
10:00 ・ Hands-on access to fabrication facility   Prof. Kentaro Totsu  Tohoku Univ. 
10:20 ・ Massive parallel EB exposure systems  Prof. Masayoshi Esashi Tohoku Univ. 
10:40 ・ Introduction of the "Research Center for Ubiquitous MEMS and Micro Engineering"   Dr. Ryutaro Maeda  AIST 
11:00 ・ Production stage prototyping for the hetero integration  Dr. Takeshi Kobayashi   AIST  
11:20 ・ High efficiency integrated MEMS production technology  Dr. Hideki Takagi  AIST 
11:40   Lunch and poster session   
 Part 2. Management of laboratories and foundry services on MEMS industry promotion 
12:40    Dr. Richard Ruby Avago Technologies
13:10    Dr. Benedetto Vigna ST Microelectronics 
13:40     Dr. Donald Robert DALSA (Canada) 
14:10    Dr. Simone Severi  IMEC (Belgium) 
14:40    Coffee break and poster session   
15:10    Prof. Thomas Gessner  Fraunhofer ENAS (Germany) 
15:40    Prof. Heng Yang  SIMIT (China) 
16:10    Dr. Koichi Imanaka  MNOIC (Japan)
16:30   Dr. Takashi Yunogami  (Japan) 
 Panel discussion   
 Part 3. Poster session and discussion   

  ISIM 2012 encourages submission of original work for poster presentation.
 Submitted poster should be A0 Standard(1 page).

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