GDMS 2011
International Workshop on Green Devices and Micro Systems
9th February 2011   AIST Tsukuba, Japan
Sponsored by NEDO, Beans Laboratory, MMC, NPO-PEN
Organized byFGDC@Beans Laboratory, UMEMSME/AIST

   Wireless networked sensing is now a target of interest for health monitoring and preventive medical applications. Environmental monitoring for energy management is also attracting special attentions for reduction of energy consumption in our society, for example industries, offices and homes etc. Japanese government has launched the national project of Green Device for energy management by sensor network at 2010.
  Above mentioned is the reason why this symposium is organized for further development of this technology and establishment of international collaboration for global sustainability.
  The workshop scope includes the topics as follows;
1) Design, integration and fabrication of Wireless sensors nodes, referred to as networked Microsystems
2) Ultra-low-power (ULP) MEMS sensors and energy-harvesting MEMS
3) Wireless sensor nodes for practical applications to green and life innovation
4) MEMS processes with low environmental impact
5) Related topics on micro systems

Tentative program
 10:20  Opening session,  Moderator R. Maeda
     T. Yano (METI), S. Kukita (NEDO)
 10:30  Invited talks,  Moderator R. Maeda
     gAmbient Electromagnetic Energy Scavenging for Sensor Networksh, Prof. Stepan Lucyszyn, Imperial College of London
     gEnergy management in retailing businessh, Prof. J. Fujimoto (Tokyo University)
 11:30  Project overview:  Moderator T. Koike
     T. Itoh and S. Sugiyama
 Working Lunch
     Poster view of project details and topics from Inter university network
     Green 8 inch MEMS prototype station gTKB812h tour (A)

 Special Tutorial  (13:30-14:20)
     gChallenges and Progress in MEMS Energy Harvestersh, Prof. C. Lee (National University of Singapore)
 14:30  Oral session:  Moderator T. Sakamizu
     gGreen operation on demand (GOOD) for clean roomh, K Ando
     gDevelopment of Wireless Smart Multisensor Devices for a Green Worldh, A. Ranjith
     gMEMS Particle sensor for GOOD, H. Sven
     gMicro coil fabrication for ubiquitous power monitoringh Y. Zhang
     gUltra Low Power Consumption IC for Green deviceh, T Fujimori
     gEnvironment Friendly MEMS process, D. Dung
 16:00-  Poster View and Green 8 inch MEMS prototype station gTKB812h tour (B)
Reception: Opening remarks: S. Ichimura(AIST)

Venue : AIST Tsukuba Central
Location of TKB812 : AIST Tsukuba East

Abstract submission
   Poster contribution is highly encouraged and you can send your poster image to the following address;

   Sample formF power point file or A4 word file
Poster size: A1

   DeadlineFJanuary 24

   Registration fee: Free
@Lunch & Reception: 2000YEN (Student: Free)


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