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Welcome Message from Chairperson
On behalf of the Conference Committees, I would like to welcome you to the 7th Japan-China-Korea Joint Conference on MEMS/NEMS (JCK MEMS/NEMS 2016), which will be held at Sapporo Education and Culture Hall, Sapporo, Japan, September, 21 - 23, 2016.

The JCK MEMS/NEMS Conference is organized to provide an annual East Asian forum for the recent progress in Green & Life Innovation by MEMS/NEMS technology with a special emphasis laid on international collaboration to solve environmental and social issues among East Asian Economies. There were two series of 2-side Joint Seminars on MEMS/NEMS held in north-east Asia region, including the Japan-China Joint Seminars (1st, Beijing, 2006; 2nd, Tokyo, 2007; 3rd, Wuxi, 2009) and Korea-Japan Joint Seminar (1st, 2008, Pusan). Though these seminars were successfully held with many participants, our colleagues decided to initiate a new 3-side platform, i.e., the Japan-China-Korea Joint Conference on MEMS/NEMS, aiming to share the research achievements and plan strategic collaboration more effectively in a wider scale. Thus the 1st JCK MEMS/NEMS Conference was held at Sapporo, Japan, 2010, chaired by Prof. Renshi Sawada from Kyushu University and followed by the followings;
2011 at Jeju Island, Korea, chaired by Dr. Nak-Kyu Lee from Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH)
2012 at Shanghai, China, chaired by Dr. Xinxin Li from CAS
2013 at Sendai, Japan, chaired by Prof.Eiji Higurashi from The university of Tokyo
2014 at Seoul, Korea, chaired by Dr. Eung-sug Lee from KIMM
2015 at Xian, China, chaired by Prof. Jiang ZhuangDe from Xian Jiaoton University
Now this year, the torch has been relayed to Japan once again. As a two-day conference, we are going to have an opening speech, a memorial invited talk, invited keynotes, oral presentation sessions, one poster session, and a technical tour.

We are looking forward to an exciting and high-level scientific and strategic program that will give the opportunity to all delegates for networking and sharing ideas, while enjoying the wonderful experience in Sapporo.

Prof. Toshihiro Itoh
Conference Chair
The University of Tokyo, JAPAN

The deadline is extended to August 19, 2016