August 22-24, 2013, Sendai, Japan

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O_1 JCK 2013 Tutorial_Prof.Esashi (PDF: 30125KB)
O_2_ Invited Talk 1_Prof.Ko_Nanotextured Micromeshes
O_3_ Invited Talk 2_Prof.Zhou_A novel method to improve the performance of a mechanical nano-sensor
O-01 Introduction of the Application of Wireless Laser Doppler Blood Flow Meter for the Measurement of Chicken Blood Flow
O-02 Three-dimensional integrated scaffold containing aligned nanofiber matrix for muscle tissue engineering
O-03 MEMS-IC Integration for Wireless Sensor Network Applications
O-04 Collaboration magic between simulation-based engineers and experiment-based researchers in BEANS project
O-05 Application of micro blood flowmeter to observe the physiologic al effects of alcohol ingestion
O-06 Supercritical Fluid Deposition and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes-Cu Composite
O-07 Transfer of thin film copper micro-electrodes to flexible PDMS
O-08 Nanoprecision Alignment and Low-Temperature Bonding for Multifunctional Micro Nanofluidic Chips
O-09 Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Microstructured Surfaces using Cu-Ni electrodeposition
O-10 Suppression of Curvature in MEMS Membrane
O-11 Numerical and Experiment to Predict Die Shift in Compression Molding for Wafer Level Packaging
O-12 Electroless Copper Plating on Polyimide Substrate with Submicron Pattern Modified by UV Irradiation
O-13 Bulk Acoustic Mode Micromechanical Disk Resonators Design, Characterization and Application
O-14 Monolithic Integration of Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonator on CMOS Circuit
O-15 Flexible Thermoelectric Power Generator Combined with Cu Thermal Guides Array
O-16 Tuner-integrated resonant micro mirror scanner for compensation of non-liner spring effect
O-17 Development of High-Accuracy and Non-Contact Current Sensor
O-18 CO2 Gas Sensor using Ionic-Liquid Gel
O-19 An AlN cantilever for air differential pressure detection with high sensitivity
O-20 Relation between Q-factor and resonance mode of polymer cantilevers
O-21 A Windmill-structured Electromagnetic Energy Harvester
O-22 Surface-micromachined Planar Piezoresistive Vibration Sensor
O-23 Development of Piezoelectric MEMS Devices
O-24 Development of MEMS Viscosity Sensor with Dual Spiral Vibrating Beams
P-01 Pico-calorimeter using a resonant thermal sensor
P-02 Si Nanowire Probe with a magnet for Magnetic Resonance Detection
P-03 Study on micro droplet formation with cross-shape micro channels
P-04 The Novel structural Design for micro-pressure sensors
P-05 Thermal Imaging using Temperature Sensitive Paint for High Speed Thermal Phenomena at Microscale
P-06 TiCuNi metallic glass thin films for biomedical application
P-07 Schottky diode type hydrogen sensor on GaN nanonetwork
P-08 A 20nm Free-Spectral Range Optical Filter Based on NEM-Tunable Silicon Photonic Waveguide Micro-Ring Resonator
P-09 Fabrication of high dielectric constant capacitors embedded in flexible polymer by molecular glue
P-10 Transfer of PZT thin film capacitor using a modified controlled spalling technology
P-11 Low-temperature solid-state solder bonding process using hydrogen radical for MEMS packaging application
P-12 Low-temperature Au-Au bonding using atmospheric-pressure plasma activation for optical micro-sensors
P-13 Strong light coupling between heterogeneous nanophotonic circuits using a fast-guided-mode photonic crystal waveguide
P-14 Design and Fabrication of a Large Stroke Continuous Membrane Deformable Mirror
P-15 Electrical characteristics of directly-bonded p-Ge n+-Si interfaces
P-16 Evaluation of Surface Wettability by means of the Measurement of the Adhesive Force between a Microstructured Hydrophobic Surface and a Water Dropet
P-17 Low temperature GaAs SiC wafer bonding for high-power semiconductor lasers
P-18 Mechanical Properties Evaluation of Cu-TSVSpecimen
P-19 MEMS-tunable optical switches based on multiple ring resonators
P-20 In-plane Distribution of Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Properties of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Thin Film Devices on 200 mm SOI Wafer
P-21 Fabrication of Microstructure Array Using Anisotropic Wet Etching
P-22 Electrode thickness control by ink jet printing with selective surface treatment for dielectrophoresis chip
P-23 The Development of High Functional Alloy Plating Using Nano-Phase
P-24 Reserach on 2-dimensional structrure using three beam interfence lithography
P-25 Application of Nano-imprint to simultaneous forming of concentric miniature concavo-convex patterns and a large through-hole with high accuracy
P-26 Study on Electrochemical sensor for detection of biofilm formation
P-27 Micro Nano Manufacturing and Its Applications via Inter-University Networking between Universities and AIST - Under One Roof Report ? Part 2
P-28 A biochip for diagnosing ovarian and colorectal cancer using MMP-2 and MMP-7
P-29 Study on serial stack structure for improving maximum power energy of Microfluidic fuel cell
P-30 Development of Nanogap Biosensor for Cervical Cancer by HPV
P-32 Surface activated room-temperature direct bonding of Au electroplated patterns for heterogeneous integration of MEMS
P-33 Introduction of the Integrated Microsystems project Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST)
P-34 Room temperature wafer direct bonding using Si wafers smoothed by Ne beam surface treatments
P-35 Influence of Surface Pretreatment on Si Wafer Bonding at Low Temperatures
P-36 Pressure-Controlled Variable Resister for Limit Switch Applications