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Synthetic Nano-Function Materials Group

Research Outline

The Synthetic Nano-Function Materials Group is devoted to researching exotic functional materials and systems, which can be created by obtaining control of both static and dynamic orders of atomic and molecular aggregations. We are working to develop new green technologies in the research below.

(1) Liquid crystal-based organic electronic materials and solar cell applications by Y. Shimizu
(2) Photochemical investigation on the structure and property of nanocarbons and related materials by H. Shioyama
(3) Commercialization of green technology by M. Kiuchi
(4) Green nanotechnology using minute pore voids fabricated with inorganic matrices by M. Fujiwara
(5) Nanostructured materials and applications for clean energy by Q. Xu
(6) Development of high performance thermoelectric materials by controlling nanostructure by R. Funahashi
(7) Synthesis of novel gold nanoparticle catalysts and practical application for environmental purification by H. Sakurai
(8) Alignment control of soft materials and its application for organic electronic devices by H. Monobe


Name Official Position E-mail
Yo Shimizu Leader mail
Hiroshi Shioyama Senior Researcher mail
Masato Kiuchi Senior Researcher  
Masahiro Fujiwara Chief Senior Researcher mail
Qiang Xu Chief Senior Researcher mail
Ryoji Funahashi Chief Senior Researcher mail
Hiroaki Sakurai Senior Researcher mail
Hirosato Monobe Senior Researcher mail