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Using the open facilities of Super Clean Room Facility (SCR)

About the new system for using open facilities

A new system has been established that allows people to make use of AIST's open facilities. We encourage people to make use of this new system.

  1. Use of an application form and standard responses based on a user agreement makes the procedure for using the SCR easy.
  2. In principle, intellectual property rights obtained by the user through use of the facilities belong to the user.
  3. There are clear rules about the management of confidential information.
  4. Costs can be easily estimated based on a unit price list.
This system is initially being applied to the SCR, but there are plans to expand the system to apply to other open facilities.

Outline of Super Clean Room Facility (SCR)

Cu CMP Machine
ArF excimer laser immersion lithography system

SCR outline


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