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Open Research Platform

Using open facilities

A system has been established that allows people to make use of AIST's open facilities. We encourage people to make use of this system.

  1. Use of an application form and standard responses based on a user agreement makes the procedure for using the open facilities easy.
  2. In principle, intellectual property rights obtained by the user through use of the facilities belong to the user.
  3. There are clear rules about the management of confidential information.
  4. Costs can be easily estimated based on a table of charges.


ANCF - AIST Naocharacterization Facility

CRAVITY - Clean Room for Analog & Digital superconductiVITY

BRP - Battery Research Platform

NPF - Nano-Processing Facility

Bio - Advanced Bio-measurement Facility

SCR - Super Cleanroom

MEMS - Micro Electro Mechanical Systems


Rules and Agreement

Rules on Use of Open Facilities of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Dec 1, 2013, PDF format; 110 KB)

User Agreement for Open Facilities of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (July 1, 2017, PDF format; 688 KB);  the newest Japanese version

Note 1: The User Agreement must be read and agreed to before applications can be submitted.

Note 2: "User Agreement" may have been revised. Please refer to the newest Japanese ones.


(Selecting a platform and facilities)
  1. Choose facilities and equipment from the list in the agreement
  2. For inquiries about the platforms and facilities, send a mail to Open Research Facility Station (tia-kyoyo-ml)
(1st step)

Consult a manager of the platform and acquire user permission (Contact e-mail addresses are as follows)

    ANCF: ancf-contact-ml
    CRAVITY: cravity_contact-ml
    BRP: brp-contact-ml
    NPF: tia-npf-ml
    BIO: bio-tia-ml
    SCR: scr_contact-ml
    MEMS: tia_mems_contact-ml

(2nd step)

Submit an application to the office (Open Research Platform Station)

The office will issue formal permission/declination.


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