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Spintronics Research Center

Research Teams
In Nanospintronics Center, there are 2 teams responsible for developing, (1) High capacity, non-volatile memory in applications to normally-off-computers, (2) Novel spintronics devices, (3) Semiconductor spintronics materials

Metal Spintronics team

Hitoshi KUBOTA ,
Team Leader
The team is engaged in the development of high capacity non-volatile memory by using giant TMR effect in MgO-MTJ combined with spin-torque induced magnetization reversal technique. Implementing the nanometer size MTJ device with perpendicularly magnetized electrode is of our special interest. Micro to milliwave devices in nanometer scale size, physical random-number generator, non- volatile switching device are within the scope of our target.
Research Themes
  1. Development of MgO-MTJ devices
  2. Development of high capacity non-volatile memory by using giant TMR effect in MgO-MTJ device
  3. Development of novel spintronics devices

Semiconductor Spintronics team

Hidekazu SAITO,
Team Leader
The team is involved in spintronics and photo-spintronics technology in relation with semiconductor materials. Especially, the spin injection to semiconductors, controlling its dynamics, and detecting its behavior with the aim to develop spin transisitors, thin film photo-isolator, photo-spin memory are the primary targets.
Research Themes
  1. Research and development of semiconductor spintronics