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Advanced Surface and Interface Chemistry Group

Our group is mainly engaged in the development of novel surface coating technology to control surface/interface properties of various structural materials. The main feature of our techniques is to not rely on the use of conventional perfluorinated compounds but instead use environmental-friendly surface chemistries. Our main target is to realize excellent surface functionalities, including water/oil repellency, anti-(bio) fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-fingerprint, and anti-fogging properties, using self-assembled monolayers, polymer brushes, organic/inorganic hybrid films, organogels and so on.

Excellent oil-repellent properties
of our developed coating system.
Differences in anti-fingerprint properties
between bare glass slides (a, b) and
our hybrid-film-covered glass slides (c, d)
before and after water washing.

Staff Members

Position Name
Leader, Group
Atsushi HOZUMI
Senior Researcher
(Additional post)
Keiichi INUKAI
Senior Researcher
Tsutomu SONODA
Senior Researcher Chihiro URATA
Researcher Tomoya SATO