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Advanced Surface and Interface Chemistry Group

Our group is mainly engaged in the development of novel surface coating technology to control surface/interface properties of various structural materials. The main feature of our techniques is to not rely on the use of conventional perfluorinated compounds but instead use environmental-friendly surface chemistries. Our main target is to realize excellent surface functionalities, including water/oil repellency, anti-(bio) fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-fingerprint, and anti-fogging properties, using self-assembled monolayers, polymer brushes, organic/inorganic hybrid films, organogels and so on.

Excellent oil-repellent properties
of our developed coating system.
Differences in anti-fingerprint properties
between bare glass slides (a, b) and
our hybrid-film-covered glass slides (c, d)
before and after water washing.

Staff Members

Position Name
Leader, Group
Atsushi HOZUMI
(Additional post) (Keiichi INUKAI)
Senior Researcher
Tsutomu SONODA
Researcher Tomoya SATO