AIST-Tokyo Tech Real World Big-Data Computation Open Innovation Laboratory (RWBC-OIL) fuses technologies for building high performance computing platform and technologies for processing big data owned by both Tokyo Tech and AIST. By constructing an open platform for Big-Data processing that can be applicable to various academic and industrial fields, we conduct research and developement for new inovations using the platform. Moreover, RWBC-OIL aims at rapid depoloyment of our technologies to industory and society through close research collaboration with or technology transfer to industories.

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RWBC-OIL Director   Takahiro Hirofuchi (Research Leader, AIST)
RWBC-OIL Deputy Director Toshio Endo (Professor, TokyoTech)
RWBC-OIL Deputy Director Katsuki Fujisawa (Professor, Kyushu University; Joint Research Fellow, AIST)

Real World HPC Systems for Big Data/AI Research Team

Group Leader: Takahiro Hirofuchi (RWBC-OIL Director, AIST)

Tsutomu Ikegami (Senior Researcher, AIST)
Mohamed Wahib (Senior Researcher, AIST)
Nguyen Truong (Researcher, AIST)
Ben Ahmed Akram(Researcher, AIST)
Peng Chen (Researcher, AIST)
Hiroki Kanezashi (Postdoc, AIST)
Ryousei Takano (Senior Researcher, AIST)
Shinichiro Takizawa (Senior Researcher, AIST)
Yusuke Tanimura (Group Leader, AIST)

Toshio Endo (Professor, TokyoTech; Invited Researcher, AIST)
Rio Yokota (Associate Professor, TokyoTech; Invited Researcher, AIST)

Satoshi Matsuoka (Director, RIKEN CCS; Specially Appointed Professor, TokyoTech)
Akihiro Nomura (Assistant Professor, TokyoTech)

Real World Big Data/AI Applications Research Team

Group Leader: Hirotaka Ogawa (Research Leader, AIST)

Ryousuke Nakamura (Research Leader, AIST)
Lee Shi-Wook (Senior Researcher, AIST)
Masaki Onishi (Research Leader, AIST)
Kentaro Tomii (Research Leader, AIST)
Chiaki Tsutsumi (Invited Researcher, AIST)
Masashi Matsuoka (Professor, TokyoTech)
Koichi Shinoda (Professor, TokyoTech)
Asako Kanezaki (Associate Professor, TokyoTech)
Nakamasa Inoue (Assistant Professor, TokyoTech)
Uto Kuniaki (Assistant Professor, TokyoTech)

Hiroya Takamura (Research Leader, AIST)
Ken Sakurada (Senior Researcher, AIST)
Naoaki Okazaki (Professor, TokyoTech; Invited Researcher, AIST)
Sho Takase (Associate Professor, TokyoTech)

Xin Liu (Senior Researcher, AIST)
Kyoungsook Kim (Research Leader, AIST)
Tsuyoshi Murata (Professor, TokyoTech)
Masamichi Shimosaka (Associate Professor, TokyoTech)

Research Subjects

Research Topic 1: Construct an Open Platform for Real World Big Data Processing

The objective is to develop an open platform for big data processing that facilitates usage of HPC, such as ABCI@AIST and TSUBAME@TokyoTech. Our research topics include follwings.

  • Middleware solutions that enable high performance and low power operation of HPC systems
  • Software stack that automatically deploys necessary software to setup research/development environments
  • Container technologies that enable resource isolation while achieving high performance

Research Topic 2: Practical Use of Real World Big Data

We are conducting researches on the following four sub-topics.

  • Analysis of real world big data using Large-scale DNN
  • Fusion of big data analysis and massive-scale agent simulations
  • Development of a system for finding discrimination features from ultra-high dimensional data (UHDD)
  • Grounding for real world big data and natural languages

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Ookayama, Main Building the first floor

2-12-1-W8-92 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550 JAPAN