Calibration Service

The following calibration services are provided.
CMC lists are appeared in the BIPM web site.

● γ-ray air kerma(Co-60, Cs-137)
  Co-60: 3.5×10-6 Gy・h-1〜5.4×102 Gy・h-1(air kerma rate)
  Cs-137: 1.0×10-6 Gy・h-1〜2.4 Gy・h-1(air kerma rate)

● low-level air kerma rate(Cs-137)
  0.065 mGy・h-1〜2.0 mGy・h-1

● Absorbed dose (rate) to waoter in Co-60 γ-rays
  1.2×10-2 Gy・s-1 (at 1st May, 2009)、0.1 Gy 〜 220 Gy

● Absorbed dose to water in high energy photon beams from a clinical linac(6 MV, 10MV, 15 MV)

● X-ray air kerma (rate)
  X-ray tube voltage: low energy X-rays 10 kV〜50 kV, medium energy X-rays 30 kV〜300 kV
  X-ray qualities: QI=0.4 〜 0.9, ISO4037, BIPM

● Mammography X-ray air kerma (rate)
  X-ray tube voltage:20 kV 〜 35 kV
  Anode/filter material: Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, Rh/Rh, W/Rh, W/Ag, W/Al
  Compression paddle: with or without

● Absorbed dose to tissue for β-rays:Sr-90/Y-90, Kr-85, Pm-147  

● Absorbed dose to water for β-ray therapy source: Ru-106

● Intensity of monochromatized soft X-rays (Photon energy: 100 〜 3900 eV, on-site calibration only)

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