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Nanoscopic Measurement GroupグループのHP

We, nanoscopic measurement group, will research and develop the new instrumentation on nanomaterials, which are key materials for furture industries. New instrument, sample preparation, calibration, analysis techniques on the microscopy and mass-spectroscopy will be developed. Inzternational standardization in this field will be also promoted.

Group's Research Theme


New elemental technologies on microscopy and mass-spectroscopy

We have investigated new instrumentation technologies for dual-probe near field optical microscope, cluster ion beam source for SIMS, and structure analysis by mass spectroscopy in the biology.


Development the electron microscopy technique for risk assessment of nanomaterials

For evaluation and management of nanomaterials, we have developed related techniques for electron microscope..


International standardization of measurement technique for nanomaterials

We have promoted international standardization in ISO/TC201 and TC229.

Staff Members

position & name field of expertise email address
Group Leader
Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) using cluster ion beams

email addressyukio-fujiwara[at]

Senior Researcher
Atsushi SUZUKI
Gas and plasma diagnosis, Measurement for sputtered species using vacuum ultraviolet photons email addressa-suzuki[at]
Senior Researcher
Hiroshi ITOH
Development of scanning probe microscope and nanoscale reference materials email addressh.itoh[at]
Senior Researcher
Development of near field scanning optical microscope and sample preparation technique for scanning probe microscope email addresssigehuzi.tomoo[at]
Senior Researcher
Development of mass spectroscope, andIonization and fragmentation on mass spectroscopy email addressd.asakawa[at]
With research group
Ultra-low energy ion beam technology, Transmission electron microscopy email addressk-yamamoto[at]

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