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Nanoscale Spectroscopic Measurement Group

Modern society in the 21st century has been established on large-scale artificial systems with various functional devices. These devices consist of nanomaterials featuring surfaces, interfaces and thin films. Our Group conducts R&D on measurement, analysis and evaluation techniques for such significant nanomaterials and their processing in which their activated states or active species of materials play a crucial role. The Group is also devoted to extending scientific knowledge of nanomaterials through the application of advanced techniques and to promote industrial standardization which is indispensable for dissemination of such techniques.

Group's Research Theme

Fig.1 Overview of femtosecond transient absorption microspectroscopic system

Measurement, analysis and evaluation of nanomaterials featuring surfaces, interfaces and thin films

We conduct R&D and the application of techniques on highly sensitive and precise detection of signals selectively and specifically generated by photons, electrons or ions at surfaces, interfaces or thin films. Our focuses are:

  • Structure and morphology analysis of nanomaterials by different kinds of microscopies such as transmission electron spectroscopy (TEM) and scanning probe microscopy (SPM)
  • Composition analysis of nanomaterials by mass spectrometric methods such as secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)
  • State analysis of nanomaterials with spectroscopic and optical methods such as transient absorption spectroscopy
  • Challenge in the novel target with analytical methods for nano materials

Overview of the system for partial pressure measurement with a

quartz oscillator (developed with a private company

Measurement, analysis and evaluation of nanomaterials processing

We conduct R&D and the application of macroscopic and microscopic analysis in/from the gas during nanomaterials processing. Our focuses are:

  • Partial pressure measurement with quartz oscillator
  • Detection and monitoring of activated reaction intermediates in such process as oxidation

Staff Members

position & name field of expertise email address, home page
Group Leader
Semiconductor surface chemistry, Surface and interface analysis email addressken.nakamura[at]
Chief Senior Researcher
Tomohiro SHIRAI
  email addresse-miura[at]
Senior Researcher
  email addressnagamune.y[at]
Senior Researcher
Hidekazu NAGAI
Photochemistry email addressnagai-hidekazu[at]
Senior Researcher
Ultrafast laser spectroscopy of optical functional materials email addresshiroyuki-matsuzaki[at]
  email addresst.hosokai[at]

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