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October 4th-5th,2016

[Day 1]October 4th  
Opening (O-01)

Tadanori Tanahashi


Welcome (O-02)

Koji Matsubara



Session I:


  PV challenge in JP (O-03)

Takamizu Sasaki



Session II:

Field Experiences for PV Reliability Research

  Correlation between visual defects and environmental conditions in 68 photovoltaic systems in Japan (O-04)

Kohji Masuda


  PV reliability as addressed in IEA PVPS Task 13 (O-05) Ulrike Jahn (TÜV Rheinland)

Session III:

Novel Test Protocols-1 (Acceleration Tests)

  Proposed new damp heat test standards for thin film PV modules (O-07) Keiichiro Sakurai (AIST)
  Permanent damage from partial shade in monolithic thin-film modules (O-08)

Timothy Silverman


  Acceleration of degradation by HAST and air-HAST in c-Si PV modules (O-09)

Tadanori Tanahashi


  The influence of different climate on module’s performance (O-10) Hui Shen (Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., Ltd.)

Session W:

Novel Test Protocols-2 (PID)

  A characterization by using laser-based technique for failure Si PV modules (O-11) Y.Ishikawa (NAIST)
  Potential-induced degradation of n-type crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules (O-12) Keisuke Ohdaira


  PID in thin-film PV modules and PID standards development (O-13)

Peter Hacke


[Day 2] October 5th

Session V:

Cells, Materials, and Components

  Degradation mechanisms of c-Si PV cells exposed to acetic acid vapor (O-14)

Tadanori Tanahashi


  PV modules' reliability deployed in Japanese PV power plant from viewpoint of encapsulant (O-15)

Tsuyoshi Shioda

(Mitsui Chemicals)

  IEC standardization of BD thermal runaway test (O-16)

Yasunori Uchida



Session Y:

Novel Test Protocols-3 (Sequential Tests and Others)

  Sequential and combined acceleration tests for physical and mechanical stresses in crystalline Si photovoltaic modules (O-17) Atsushi Masuda (AIST)
  Effects of hygrothermal environment on PID acceleration for crystalline Si photovoltaic modules (O-18) Yasushi Tachibana (IRII)
  Na migration process in crystalline Si photovoltaic modules by potential induced degradation test (O-19) Fumitaka Ohashi (Gifu Univ.)
  Characterization of PID acceleration for crystalline Si solar cell modules using a laser terahertz emission microscope (LTEM) (O-20) Hidetoshi Nakanishi (SCREEN Holdings)
Session Z: Practical Issues in PV Reliability  
  Long term performance analysis of various PV modules in Hokuto mega-solar (O-21) Yuzuru Ueda (Tokyo Univ. of Science)
  Reliability of power rating and labeling (O-22) Christos Monokroussos (TÜV Rheinland Group)
  Challenges to overcome before spreading BIPV system (O-23) Akihiko Nakajima (KANEKA)
Session [: Standardization  
  Coordination of international standards with implementation of the IEC RE conformity assessment system (O-24) George Kelly (IEC TC82 Secretariat)
  General Discussion & Closing Remarks (O-25) Tadanori Tanahashi (AIST)
Poster Session : [Day 1] October 4th  
P-01 Influence of volcanic ash fall on generated energy from photovoltaic modules Tadashi Hirayama (Kagoshima Univ.)
P-02 The measurement technology of PV module temperature in PV system field Hiromi Tobita (JET)
P-03 Study of carrier lifetime measurement methods for PID tested module Kazuki Noguchi (NAIST)
P-04 The influence of the temperature on EL intensity of the PID tested Si PV modules Takuya Oshima (NAIST)
P-05 Potential-induced degradation and recovery process for thin-film Si photovoltaic modules Yukiko Hara (AIST)
P-06 Progression behavior of the potential-induced degradation of n-type c-Si-wafer-based photovoltaic modules with a front-side p+ emitter Seira Yamaguchi (JAIST)
P-07 Analysis of cross-section between cell and interconnector in field-aged photovoltaic modules Tomoyuki Hirooka (Kusumoto Chemicals)
P-08 Combined test of UV irradiation and highly accelerated hygrothermal treatment for photovoltaic modules using light source with high intensity H. Morita (Toray Industries)
P-09 Developing an acetic acid detection sensor for photovoltaic modules using a pH-sensitive fluorescent dye H. Nagasaki (TUAT)
Poster Session : [Day 2] October 5th
P-10 Unexplained causes of the most frequent degradation mode of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules Sadao Sakamoto (AIST)
P-11 Fast measurement system for operating strings in Yoshinogari mega solar power plant Shigeomi Hara (Saga Univ.)
P-12 Analysis of long term operational data in residential photovoltaic systems Hajime Wakabayashi (JET)
P-13 Study of potential induced degradation and recovery of c-Si module Mohammad Aminul Islam (NAIST)
P-14 Activation of surface recombination at a SiNx/n-type c-Si interface after potential-induced degradation Naoyuki Nishikawa (JAIST)
P-15 Potential-induced degradation for silicon heterojunction photovoltaic modules Chizuko Yamamoto (AIST)
P-16 Mechanism of potential-induced degradation for p-type crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules Sachiko Jonai (AIST)
P-17 Testing procedures including damp heat and thermal cycle processes for highly reliable photovoltaic modules Kohji Masuda (JET)
P-18 Detecting acetic acid in photovoltaic modules through changes in the relative reflectance of tin films T. Itayama (TUAT)
P-19 The study of IV characteristic, EL image, internal wiring and cell cross section of PV modules, which were exposed to outside for over 20 years Tadashi Obayashi (JET)
P-20 Introduction of JET O&M certification Tadashi Obayashi (JET)