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Functional Thin Films Team ( FTFT )



We are focusing on organic-based solar cells toward their application by addressing issues that are still unresolved such as the power conversion efficiency, the durability, the low-cost processing techniques. Organic-based thin-film solar cells offer exceptional advantages such as resource conservation.



To realize the practical use of organic-based solar cells, it is necessary to further improve the efficiency and the lifetime. For high efficiency organic thin-film solar cells, we perform structure analysis and optimization of the bulk heterojunction. Furthermore, we are developing flexible sub-modules by printing process in cooperation with private companies. Regarding the new field of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells, in particular, we are focusing on new fabrication techniques and engineering the interfacial processes to achieve high efficiency and durability.


Research Activities

(1)Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar sells

We develop perovskite-based materials and their thin-film fabrication using solution coating and vacuum deposition processes for low-cost and high-power conversion efficiency. In particular, we develop a novel vacuum deposition process for precise composition control of the perovskite layer. Furthermore, we focus on interfaces of perovskite/hole transporting layer and perovskite/metal oxide layer for high efficiency and durability.

(2)Organic thin-film solar cells

We investigate the structure of bulk heterojunction and develop novel metal-oxide and organic buffer layers for the high efficient solar cells. For the development of encapsulation technology, we examine the influence of the environmental factor such as temperature, humidity, and the light, on the stability of organic thin film solar cells encapsulated using various sealing methods.


図1         図1       

Figure. 1 Crystal structure of perovskite layer.

Figure. 2 Cross section SEM image of perovskite solar cell fabricated by solution coating technique.


図1            図1


Figure. 3  A see-though organic thin-film solar cell module.

Figure. 4 A module of organic thin film solar cell fabricated by flexograhic printing.



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