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Calibration, Standards and Measurement Team ( CSMT )



We develop accurate photovoltaic (PV) performance characterization technologies and PV reference device calibration technologies, contributing to the improvement of international competitiveness and mass deployment of PV technologies through the establishment of international conformity of the calibration and measurement technologies.


We develop precise PV calibration and performance measurement technologies of PV devices which directly contribute to the value of PV. The international comparison of these technologies is important in order to confirm and establish the conformity of these technologies. We also supply PV reference cell calibration to the industries, measure a wide variety of PV devices from industries and laboratories, and carry out cooperative researches. Those research results are actively disseminated through standardization such as JIS and IEC as well as academic publications.

Research Activities

(1)PV performance measurement technologies

Performance measurement technologies for various kinds of novel PV devices (Fig. 1) are continuously developed. Performance of those devices under standard test conditions (STC) as well as practical outdoor conditions such as varying device temperature, irradiance, and spectrum are investigated. Precise performance measurement of state-of-the-art PV devices developed in the PV industries and laboratories are undertaken within our group. Domestic and international comparison measurements are carried out, which confirms and establishes the technological conformity of PV calibration and performance measurement. Research results such as IV correction technologies and module SR measurement technologies are also actively disseminated through standardization.

(2)PV reference devices calibration technologies

To achieve high-level accurate measurement and adjustment of PV device irradiance, which is an essential factor for evaluation of PV devices, we develop and improve PV reference devices calibration technologies. We quantitatively determined uncertainties of the solar simulator method, and acquired ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Accreditation (ASNITE) conforming to Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) of testing and calibration organizations (laboratories). Our calibration service as AIST  requested tests has been supplied to mining and manufacturing industries since September, 2009. In addition, an ultrahigh-temperature fixed point of metal-carbon system was installed, and a sophisticated structural type of absolute cavity radiometer and a super-continuum laser were developed in order to promote reliable traceability technology development. As one of three World PV Scale (WPVS) qualified laboratories, we have contributed to sustaining WPVS, which is an international key comparison value for primary reference PV devices. For calibration organizations and laboratories in the Asian region, we also have contributed to skill evaluation and accreditation support as a provider of proficiency testing conforming to ISO /IEC 17043 (Fig. 2).

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figure 1
fig.1(a) Photo of long pulse solar simulator
figure 2
fig.1(b) Spectral irradiance of a wide-range high-fidelity solar simulator

figure 2
fig.1(c) Examples of the spectral responses of various kinds of PV devices

figure 2
fig.1(d) Examples of the spectral responses of multijunction solar cells
figure 3
Fig.2 Framework of international mutual recognition and major primary calibration laboratories


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