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Research and Innovation Promotion Planning Office

The Innovation Promotion Planning Department summarizes each department of the Innovation Promotion Headquarters and plans and drafts the basic policy of research strategy and cooperation strategy.
We also conduct projects to promote the creation of innovation by focusing on research topics that represent AIST,focusing on interdisciplinary integretion and regional collaboration research projects.
We are developing strategies for planning,planning and planning,promoting projects and others.

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Notice of Tsukuba's Innovation 36th Lecture / Tsukuba Technical Presentation
AIST "Social Implementation Desigh School" Pre-Symposium
<Notice of year-end and new year holidays>
I am indebted to you for the holidays.
I hope the New Year too.
Agribusiness creation fair2017 Seminar held・Lecture・Notice of exhibition
Hitotsubasi University・AIST Innovation Seminer Wanted Participants


Research and Innovation Promotion Planning Office

Address: AIST Tsukuba Central 1, 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8560, Japan
Fax: +81-29-862-6130
Email: raiso-general-ml* (Please convert "*" to "@".)

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