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Research and Innovation Promotion Headquarters

Toward strengthening our “bridging” function.

While setting out goal to build Japan's industrial competitive advantage, we play a part in creating innovation. Particularly we work on the enhancement of marketing capabilities and strengthening collaboration with companies and universities, manage strategically our intellectual property and promote regional innovation so that we can strengthen our “bridging” function.

Director-General Kouji Watari Deputy Director-General Natsuko Sakai
Koji Watari
Deputy Director-General
Natsuko Sakai

【Outline of priority strategies】

●Enhancement of our technological strength
With the purpose of reinforcing our technological strength, we promote technology fusion and various collaborations with national/international companies, universities and research institutes. Moreover, in order to promote the commercialization of our technology, we develop systems for building up our intellectual property in a strategic way.
●Expanding cooperation with enterprises
By the appointment of experts who have worked for companies, we build effective alliances through joint research, licensing, start-up support, and international standardization. We will also promote exchanges of opinions with companies, accurately reflect the needs of the industry, and establish a system linking large-scale collaboration.Furthermore, we provide companies aspiring for commercialization with technical consulting services.
●Strengthening regional cooperations
To reinforce technological strength of regional medium-sized enterprises which is the base of competitiveness in regional economy, we promote cooperation with public research institutions and local governments and work on joint research and human resource development. Moreover, we reinforce networks with regional medium-sized enterprises and public research institutions so that we can match the regional needs with technology.

Research and Innovation Promotion Planning Office

Promoting strategies that cultivate the advantages of AIST


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TEL : 029-862-6040  FAX : 029-862-6130

(from outside Japan: TEL : +81-29-862-6040 / FAX : +81-29-862-6130)

Director Tamba

We will oversee each department of the Innovation Promotion Headquarters, plan the innovation promotion strategy, plan and draft policies based on this, and make comprehensive adjustments.We particularly support research projects which fuse multiple research fields and promote cooperation with regional industries, so that we can move forward with projects that create innovation.

Technology Marketing Office

Enhancing of our marketing capabilities


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TEL : 029-862-6026 FAX : 029-862-6130

(from outside Japan: TEL : +81-29-862-6026 / FAX : +81-29-862-6130))

Director Tatsumi

We make the best use of marketing information that we collect and analyze in order to strengthen and expand our cooperation with companies together with Innovation Coordinators deployed across all the research bases of AIST throughout Japan. Moreover, we meet the needs of companies by means of our technical consulting services.

Large-Scale Collaboration Office

Expanding large-scale collaboration with enterprises

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(from outside Japan: TEL : +81-29-862-6026 / FAX : +81-29-862-6130))

Director Shin

In order to establish large collaborations such as collaborative laboratory laboratories and collaborative laboratories with companies in the laboratory, exchange opinions, plan and make adjustments with companies, and develop a system to promote research in large-scale collaboration going.

Innovation Center for Technology Transfer and Startups

Executing the commercialization of AIST's technology seeds


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(from outside Japan: TEL : +81-29-862-6655 / FAX : +81-29-862-6656)

Director Takai

Our mission is promoting the commercialization of “echnology seeds” through (1) licensing intellectual property with the purpose of technology transfer to companies, and (2) starting up venture business and supporting start-ups. From the point of needs-oriented view, we consider the optimum way of commercialization, and while advancing cooperation with other institutions, we strive for creation of innovation.

Intellectual Property and Standardization Promotion Division

Strengthening the foundation toward further
utilization of research results


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Director Nagaishi

In order to promote the practical application of AIST's technology, we are promoting intellectual property management strategically and supporting standardization activities. We formulate the handling policy of intellectual property in each research project and acquire and manage intellectual property relevant to research results appropriately. We also support the standardization that public institutions should take and standardization of technology born through cooperation with companies.

Collaboration Promotion and International Aff airs Division

Supporting the Creation of Innovative Technology Seeds
through Promotion of Collaboration


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TEL : 029-862-6144 FAX : 029-862-6148

(from outside Japan: TEL : +81-29-862-6144 / FAX : +81-29-862-6148)

Director Taniguchi

We promote collaboration among industry, academia and overseas institutions with the purpose of supporting the research process from finding promising “researc seeds・to forming them into innovative technology seeds. We also work on building research networks between AIST and other domestic/international institutions by executing memoranda of understanding (MOU) and creating a framework for human resource exchange. In addition, we conduct business such as collaborative research agreement and contract research and contract management and management, security export control to appropriately provide samples and technologies accompanying cooperation with overseas institutions.

Regional Collaboration Promotion Division

Promoting regional cooperation with regional bases as a hub


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TEL : 029-862-6644 FAX : 029-862-6146

(from outside Japan: TEL : +81-29-862-6644 / FAX : +81-29-862-6130)

Director Minowa

We undertake necessary measures and projects for promoting regional innovations. We contribute to vitalizing regional industries by providing seamless-R&D supporting services to medium-sized enterprises in cooperation with public research institutions and local governments where regional bases function as a hub, and by enhancing the competitiveness of regional medium-sized enterprises to support their global operational presence. We also hold workshops and training courses and conduct R&D supporting projects in cooperation with the Council for Promotion of Industrial Technology Collaboration to strengthen partnerships with public research institutions.

E-mail :

1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8560 Japan

FAX : +81-29-862-6130

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