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International Cooperation Office
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About Us

About ICO

The International Cooperation Office is responsible for international activities under the Meter Convention and the Convention Establishing an International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML Convention).

Specifically, it is working toward international mutual recognition of measurement standards under the Meter Convention and development of a framework for mutual acceptance arrangements ( MAA ) for model evaluations under the OIML Convention.

Standardized measurements under the laboratory accreditation system have had a major effect on trade. Therefore, to ensure that Japanese calibration and testing standards are consistent with international ones, the Office works to conclude bilateral and multilateral conventions, including international comparisons of measurement standards and organization of mutual evaluations, as well as activities to expand and enrich the content of such conventions.

In accordance with the Meter Convention and the OIML Convention, which are both international treaties, the Office is also engaged in joint research with standards research organizations in various countries and technical cooperation, including coordination of technical training by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), an independent administrative institute. In the future, the Office will plan and implement international comparisons of measurement standards, peer reviews of quality systems and other projects that promote international mutual recognition of national measurement standards and legal metrology.


Manager Norio Saito
Associate Manager Satoru Kurokawa
Associate Manager Hiroaki Morinaka
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