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AIST Tsukuba Map



How to get toTsukuba bus terminal from Narita airport


Tickets need to be purchased at the Keisei Airport Bus Counter at Narita Airport Terminal 1, 2 and at the Travel Support GPA Service Counter at Narita Airport Terminal 3 before boarding.

Around Tsukuba Station

IWSSD shuttle bus (Hotels - AIST) & AIST shuttle bus in daytime (TX station - AIST)

  Tsukuba Guide Map

Shuttle bus service is available.
  •IWSSD shuttle bus (Daiwa Roynet Hotel - AIST)
      Hotel (8:00) → AIST (8:15)
      AIST(18:00) → Hotel or Banquet

    Please use this bus, if you stay a hotel other than Daiwa and Okura hotels.

  •IWSSD shuttle bus (Okura Hotel - AIST)
      Hotel main build. (7:55) → EPOCHAL site (8:00)→ AIST (8:15)
      AIST (18:00) → Hotel or Banquet

  •AIST shuttle bus in daytime (TX station - AIST)

      Anyone can use this bus.(Time table)