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IWSSD covers superconducting sensors and detectors with low-Tc and high-Tc superconductors and related science and technology. Abstract submission on the latest results in the topic categories that can be found on the front page are welcome to IWSSD. The papers presented in IWSSD2016 can be submitted to a focus issue of SUST, which has a unique first-come-first-served publication and a list collection later on. The normal SUST review process is applied to the IWSSD papers.

There will be plenary, invited, and contributed oral sessions, and poster sessions.
In addition to these scientific sessions, there will be a session of the IEC/IEEE standardization. IWSSD has a connection with international standardization under IEC/IEEE to promote markets as well as R&D, as described in the “About IWSSD”page. The brief history can be found in an IEEE/CSC article.1

1. IEEE/CSC & ESAS European Superconductivity News Forum, 32, April 2015, http://snf.ieeecsc.org/sites/ieeecsc.org/files/documents/snf/abstracts/ST434%20MOhkubo_IEC-IEEE_standards_final_032515.pdf