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Presentation Guideline

1. Oral presentations (Room 01306 in HQs-IT Collaborative Research Center).

  • Keynotes are 40 min. including 5 min. for questions.
  • Invited talks are 25min. including 5 min. for questions.
  • Contributed oral presentations are 20 min. including 5 min. for questions.

You are requested to inform the session chair of your presence before the start of the oral session. A Windows PC with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat   Reader is provided. Please upload your file with USB well before the session.
Your own PC can be used and connected to a projector equipped HDMI and D-sub connectors.

The room 01306 is open during the following hours :

  • Nov. 15, Tue. 8:10 - 18:00
  • Nov. 16, Wed. 8:10 - 14:00
  • Nov. 17, Thu. 8:10 - 17:00

You can check the connection to the projector in periods expect the oral sessions.

2. Poster presentations (Room 01303 and 01304 in HQs-IT Collaborative Research Center).

Poster board and pushpins are provided. Please put up your poster at least before 10 AM on Nov. 16, and remove it by 6 PM on Nov. 17. We recommend posting your poster in the morning of on Nov. 15 so that participants can see it anytime.
The maximum dimensions accepted for posters are 120 cm horizontal, 180 cm vertical.

The boards will be arranged according to the order listed in the final program.
At least one author is requested to present during the poster core session.

  • Set up      :  the morning on Nov. 15
  • Tear down  :  12:30 - 18:00 on Nov. 17

Please note that IWSSD2016 accepts no responsibility for material that may be left behind, lost, or damaged.

3. Withdraw

If you need to withdraw your presentation, please contact our secretariat ASAP by sending e-mail, iwssd2016_info@aist.go.jp.