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Nov. 14-17, 2016, AIST Tsukuba Campus, Japan
(IWSSD 2016 / 5th CRAVITY Symposium)

The 3rd International Workshop
on Superconducting Sensors and Detectors

The group image with high resolution can be downloaded from here.

Presentation slides and posters provided by authors are available here.
When you would like to use all or part, please contact the authors.
Thank you all for attending the IWSSD2016 and see you again at Sydney, Australia, in 2018!   

IWSSD is the biennial international workshop on superconducting sensors and detectors, and provides a forum for scientists, engineers, and students in application of low Tc and high Tc superconductivity to sensors and detectors. The 3rd IWSSD will take place as a joint workshop with 5th CRAVITY symposium in Tsukuba, Japan. We welcome participants who are interested in the following topics. Please mark it on your calendar.


•Low-Tc devices

•High-Tc devices

•Types of sensors and detectors: MKID, MMC, SQUID, SSPD, STJ, TES

•Other novel sensors and detectors

•Device physics

•Readout and signal processing

•Cryogenics and implementation

•Materials and fabrication

•Scientific instrumentation in Astronomy and other fields

•Analytical instrumentation

•Mineral exploration

•Quantum information

•Other novel application

•IEC-IEEE international standardization


Keynote talks

Professor Horst Rogalla, “Superconducting electronics at the extremes: very sensitive, very low power and nevertheless very fast”

Professor John Clarke, “From SQUID to Qubit”

Dr. Cathy Foley, “High-Tc superconductivity application in geophysical exploration and telecommunication”