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For regular participants

Participants of IWSSD2016 can book rooms at two hotels near Tsukuba station. Shuttle bus service is available between Tsukuba station and the conference site, AIST central campus, during the days.

 1.  Frontier Hotel Okura Tsukuba:  http://www.okura-tsukuba.co.jp/eng/

This hotel has two buildings (MAIN and EPOCHAL). MAIN is very close to Tsukuba station.  EPOCHAL is next to International congress center in Tsukuba (https://www.epochal.or.jp/eng/index.html), which takes about 8 minutes on foot. We have the welcome reception and the IEC-IEEE joint standardization meeting in the International congress center.

 2.  Daiwa Roynet hotel Tsukuba:  http://www.daiwaroynet.jp/english/tsukuba/

This hotel is located near Tsukuba station.


 For student participants

In AIST campus, we have a guest house "Sakura-kan". We have reserved ten single rooms for student participants. If you want to book a room, please send your name and your login ID that you used to make a registration for IWSSD2016 to iwssd2016_info@aist.go.jp. Please make the registration first.

 The guide to Sakura-kan is as follows.

[Rate] 1,700 yen/day

[Guest Room Furnishings]

•   Single Room (bed room and bath room) - Bed and bedding, TV, writing table and chair, desk lamp, telephone, refrigerator, electric kettle, cup, hair dryer, drying rack, hangers, bath and face towels, bath mat, yukata (Japanese cotton bathrobe}, pillow case

* The underlined items are changed during room cleaning.

[Useful Information]

•   Cleaning : Rooms will be cleaned and bedding changed once every 3 or 4 days.
(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.)

 •  Visitors : Itis not permitted to have visitors in your room. Please use the lounges for this purpose.

•   Damage to facilities and furnishings :

Please do not move furniture or remove any items from the rooms. If any damage is found or occurs, please report it to the front desk. Residents who cause damage may be asked to pay compensation.

•   Bicycles, umbrellas, irons and vacuum cleaners, LA~ cable can be borrowed. Please ask at the front desk.

•   Satellite Broadcasting / Cable TV :

You can watch CNN, BBC and other foreign channels on the TVs located in the first floor lounge of A-Wing.

•   Vending Machines : beverages

•   Smoking : Smoking is prohibited in the guest rooms. When you wish to smoke, please use the smoking room of A-Wing.

•   Internet : You can connect to the Internet in the guest rooms and the lobby.


 [Common Room Hours]

  Kitchen 7:00am - 10:00pm

  Laundry room 9:00am - 10:00om

•   Please keep these rooms clean and neat, and take all of your belongings with you.



Please pay for accommodation and telephone when you check out. For  long-term guests, we issue a bill at the end of each month for payment at the beginning of the following month. We regret that we only accept cash (Japanese Yen).


Outside calls (domestic Japan/ international) can be made from the guest rooms. Please refer to the instructions in each room. Outside calls will be charged to your account. Prepaid telephone cards cannot be used with room telephones.

* You can receive calls from outside, but you can't call outside from the guest room of C-Wing.
* You can also set an automatic morning wake up call using the phone.

 Pay phones are located near the lounges on the first floor of B-Wing.