Our group is composed of three sub-teams of spectral database, software accreditation, and applied statistics.

 The spectral database team is compiling and maintaining "Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SDBS)," and opening it to the public through the internet for free of charge. SDBS has been earning large number of accesses from all over the world.

 The mission of the software accreditation team is research and development about software evaluation technology in legal metrology. The area ranges from practice to theory: While we develop testing procedures according to software related OIML and JIS documents in legal metrology, we study verification tools in order to prove software correctness. The team also contributes to dissemination activities of these documents: We have published several commentary articles and given talks. We are members of the national mirror committee of OIML TC5/SC2 "Software". We also run a club for these purposes.

 The applied statistics team is researching the evaluation of measurement uncertainty and statistical methods for the interlaboratory comparisons. In addition, this team promotes the utilization of measurement uncertainty through the management of "Uncertainty Club" which is the user's club of measurement uncertainty.


Group Leader Dr. Hideyuki TANAKA
Spectral Database Dr. Takeshi SAITO
Dr. Shigetomo MATSUYAMA
Senior Staff
Dr. Fumio KIYONO
Technical Staff
Ms. Chisato ONO
Technical Staff
Technical Staff
Software Accreditation Dr. Satoshi MATSUOKA
Software Accreditation Dr. Hiroshi WATANABE
Applied Statistics Dr. Katsuhiro SHIRONO