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Research Teams

Hard Magnetic Materials Team

Leader, Team, Kimihiro OZAKI

Our research team focuses on the creation of high performance permanent magnets with the aim to contribute the advanced motor technology towards the environmental, energy and resource problems.

Entropics Materials team

Leader, Team, Asaya FUJITA

To realize solid-state refrigeration with small environmental load and high energy performance, we innovate colossal caloric materials.

Soft Magnetic Materials Team

Leader, Team, Shuji TADA

Using a synthetic chemical technique and a surface modification technology, we aim at the development of high performance soft magnetic materials, such as core material of a motor for a driving the vehicle and for a high-frequency power source.

Magnetic Materials Processing Team

Leader, Team, Takuya TAMURA

Our research team aims to explore technologies for developing high-performance magnetic materials, and material processing technologies utilizing magnetic properties, by using solidification processes of metals, electromagnetic vibration processes, and microwave processes.

Property Prediction and Process Design Team

Leader, Team, Hiroyuki HOSOKAWA

Our team focuses on discovery of excellent permanent magnets and soft magnetic materials by integrating information technology with powder metallurgical technology.

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