For the sustainable society with long life in good health

Department of Life Science and Biotechnology



Anyone wants a long life in good health, and hopes to build a sustainable society by reducing environmental loads. To achieve such society, we are contributing to life innovation by developing new technologies to evaluate health and to promote drug discovery, as well as to maintain, improve, and recover health according to individual conditions. We are also contributing to green innovation by developing technologies to reduce environmental loads using bioprocesses.

Katsunori Matsuoka Yohichi Kamagata Yoshihisa Hagihara
Katsunori Matsuoka
Vice-President Director General
Yohichi Kamagata
Deputy Director General
Yoshihisa Hagihara
Research Planning Office


【Outline of priority strategies】

Development of basic technology for drug discovery

To shorten the lead time for drug development beyond the traditional drug discovery processes, we are carrying out the development of novel technologies for fast screening of candidate compounds and efficient optimization of lead compounds. To be more specific, we are developing technologies based on precise and stable analysis of the effect of a drug candidate by using robots, structural biology to predict drugtarget interactions, world's largest natural product libraries, and biomarkers such as sugar chains that have high potentiality to evaluate diseases at early stages.

Development of technologies for health and medical care

We are facing an aging society in Japan, and to develop technologies for the health and medical care to realize healthy and happy lifestyle is strongly needed. To make a regenerative medicine more secure, we are developing technology to evaluate and standardize stem cells to be used safely, and cell manipulation technology for tissue engineering to regenerate damaged tissues. To keep our health, we are also developing technologies for health assessment, device technologies for diagnosis of infectious diseases, and technologies for biocompatible materials and safe medical devices.

Development of useful materials production by utilizing biological functions

We aim to realize a material recycling society by the use of fossil fuel-replacing materials, chemical raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, useful proteins, and biological materials. We refine genetic recombination technologies for material production by micro-organisms and plants to produce efficiently useful materials like active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Outline of priority strategies