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The Research Institute is engaged in research and development of sustainable chemistry which will support to build a sustainable society.


Apr.1, 2021     Organization and staff members of ISC were reorganized Group
Apr.1, 2017     Interfacial Materials Group was reorganized to Clever-Material Engineering Group
Apr.1, 2016 Biomass Treatment Group was reorganized to Bio-based Materials Chemistry Group.
Nov.1, 2015     Chemical Materials Simulation Group moved to Research Center for Computational Design of Advanced Functional Materials.
July.,2015    English site of ISC was opened. 
Apr.1, 2015 Research Institute for Sustainable Chemistry was established.


Research Institute for Sustainable Chemistry, Department of Materials and Chemistry

Tsukuba site: phone: +81-29-862-6792 fax: +81-29-861-4457
Chugoku site: phone: +81-82-423-8230 fax: +81-82-423-7820