M-TRAN III(2005 - )

MTRAN-III is our current model of M-TRAN series. We demonstrated MTRAN III at EXPO 2005.

M-TRAN III module Single module motion

Mechanical parts of a module


Connection mechanism
As M-TRAN I & II used permanent magnets and SMA actuators for their connection mechanism (details), it was time and energy consuming to control module connection. In order for faster and more power-effective consuming connection, a mechanical connector was newly designed.

Phantom view of connection mechanism Cross section around a hook

Computer & controller system
Each M-TRAN module has four microcomputers, one master and three slaves. All the master computers of the connected modules are connected by CAN bus, by which they communicate, synchronize their motions, and cooperate.


4 module walker to a line 8 module walker to a line

Camera module
A cubic camera module has been developed, three surfaces of which are connectable to an M-TRAN module.

Former prototypes


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