B1. Metamorphosis by M-TRAN III 

All movies of experiments in this page are real-time, unless indicated as fast forwarded.

(B1-1) Metamorphosis by small 4 legged walking robot (B1-1.1) Metamorphosis from Spider in (A1-9) to 4 legged walking robot in (B1-2)

 (B1-2) Metamorphosis by 4 legged walking robot (B1-2.1) Climb a step by a snake and change to 4 legged robot
(all the motions are played back with no feedback control. Fixed step height)


 (B1-3) Metamorphosis by skew type 4 legged walking robot  (B1-4) Walk and crawl (manually controlled via Bluetooth communication)

 (B1-4.5) Metamorphosis from a 6-leg-centipede walker to a linear form

Reconnection & Vision

 (B1-5) Automatic docking by visual guidance  (B1-6) Visual obstacle detection

 Cluster Flow

 (B1-7) Metamorphosis (parallel distributed control) 20 modules


 (B1-8) Metamorphosis (parallel distributed control) 16 modules  (B1-9) Metamorphosis (parallel distributed control) 24 modules


 (B1-10) Metamorphosis (parallel distributed control) 16 modules  (B1-11) Climbing a step (centrallized playback control with no sensing)


(B1-12) Skew type M-TRAN (motion similar to CONRO module by USC)
Only 2 modules are made, that are compatible with regular M-TRAN.
(B1-13) Motion only by IR neighbor-to-neighbor communication