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Overview of Innovation Center for Startups (INNCS)

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During the 4th Medium to long-term targeting period (FY2015-FY2019), AIST’s first mission is to bridge innovative technology seeds to commercial industry, as a core public research organization regarding a policy of industrial sciences and technology.

There are two approaches for commercializing the technology seeds, (1) licensing technology to existing companies, and (2) starting up companies based on the innovative technology.

AIST established a new department named INNCS that integrates two functions of Technology Licensing and Start-ups executing the commercialization reliably by emphasizing characteristic feature of the technology.

Developing high-tech ventures with high-growth potential

INNCS’s mission is to focus on developing high-tech ventures with high-growth potential. To achieve the mission, INNCS promotes a founding program called “Business Development Task Force” and operates "the support system for AIST start-ups and investment in kind.

Two Types of New Business Creation

“Business Development Task Force” is a unique approach to creating start-ups, in which a researcher and an experienced business person (Start-up Advisor) jointly create a venture. Another way that researchers initiate a venture business without using INNCS’s founding program is called “Bottom-up Type Company Founding”.

AIST Carve-out Project

INNCS promotes “Carve-out Project”(Spin-in project) in which outside researchers invited by AIST aim to create a venture based on their own technology seeds as “Business Development Task Force”. INNCS aims to build venture businesses based on technology seeds which are difficult to commercialize.

Support System for AIST Start-ups

For venture companies aiming to commercialize the research results, those companies given the title of an AIST start-up can, in principle, receive the following support during a five-year period:

  • Intellectual Property Rights of AIST: Setting exercise rights for exclusive use, exemption from lump-sum payment for the license agreement, etc.
  • Use of Facilities and Apparatus: Reduction of the use charge, use of AIST address as the address of the venture company, etc.
  • Consultation with Experts: Attorney, patent attorney, certified public accountant, etc.
  • Provision of Information: Provision of information on market research and reports on technical surveys, participation in seminars, etc.


Address: Central 1, 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8560, JAPAN

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