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Our Missions

Surrounded by oceans on all sides, Japan is also located in a geological transition zone with frequently occurring earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Given these geographical conditions, we believe that geological information will be important in supporting the safe and secure sustainable development of society, and in providing solutions to social issues such as disaster prevention, resource management, and environmental preservation.

The mission of the Research Institute of Geology and Geoinformation is to clarify the geological nature of Japanís national territory and surrounding ocean environs, and in turn to organize the nationís collection of terrestrial and marine geological information. Such information will form the basis for geological surveys conducted by public institutions, and providing such information is therefore a key mission for supporting the various geological surveys these institutions will undertake.

As part of our third intermediate plan, the Institute continues to organize new sets of geological data. Using knowledge of the past and present gained from this scientific data, the Institute continues to enhance citizensí scientific understanding and to provide predictions related to the health of the global environment and the reduction of natural disaster risk. Through these activities, the Institute aims 1) to provide a scientific basis for industrial site evaluations, natural disaster prevention, resource management, environmental preservation, and underground utilization, 2) to improve scientific understanding within local communities to facilitate citizenís understanding of the planet and their involvement in environmentally sustainable practices, 3) to make international contributions, and 4) to support geological businesses with geological data and surveying technology.

Research Goals of the Research Institute of Geology and Geoinformation

The Third Medium Term goals and plans regarding the geological work of AIST are listed below, with underlined items indicating goals and planning pursued in collaboration with other research units.

  1. Organization and application of geological data on national territory and surrounding environs
    1. Improve accuracy of geological surveys and fundamental geological and geophysical maps for land and sea regions.
    2. Geological surveys and geological and environmental data organization for urban and coastal regions
    3. Integration and application of satellite imagery and geological data
  2. Development of evaluation techniques for the global resource environment
    1. Develop evaluation techniques for global environmental preservation and development
    2. Evaluation of planetary resource potential
    3. Develop geological environment evaluation techniques for radioactive waste disposal safety standards
  3. Development of evaluation techniques for prediction of geological natural disasters
    1. Improve accuracy of earthquake prediction through fault line surveys and earthquake measurements
    2. Improve accuracy of predicting volcanic eruptions
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