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Inorganic Functional Materials Research Institute (IFMRI) focuses on providing innovative high-technology solutions from materials, process design to mass production level to meet the critical needs from industry.

IFMRI's targeting topics aims to offer industrial components with higher quality and reliability, which are essential for realizing various new functional devices, modules and multicomponent bulk products, applicable to field of energy, environmental and health-care. The research subjects conducted in the institute are based on the development of advanced inorganic materials such as ceramics and metals, as well as the new functional advanced components.

IFMRI consists of 11 research groups with about 70 researchers, and is located at AIST Chubu and Kansai Centers. IFMRI continues to build strong relationships with industry and will demonstrate the usefulness of these innovative technologies toward commercialization.

What's New

ICE2017 8th International Conference on Electroceramics
International symposium of innovative ceramic manufacturing process technology
Establishment of Inorganic Functional Materials Research Institute


Inorganic Functional Materials Research Institute


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